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Udit Narayan Songs

Singer, Music Director, Lyricist

Udit Narayan Jha known as Udit Narayan, is a Nepalese playback singer. Whose songs have been featured mainly in Nepali and Hindi movies. Udit Narayan has sung m... Read More

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Feel The Divine with Best Bhajans Of Udit Narayan Mp3

There are times when we feel nothing is going as per our plan, and we find ourselves in the middle of struggles and hardships. We remember the almighty who has been with us; we do so by praying and listening to songs that remind us that he is always there. So today, we bring you our list of devotional songs sung by none other than Udit Narayan. This batch of songs that we have in our playlist Udit Narayan ke Bhajan comprises tracks that will help you heal and connect with your inner self. And with the beautiful voice of Udit Narayan, you will immerse yourself in the divine.


All the good work that we do begins with Ganesh Vandana. So we start with the first song called 'Jai Ganesh Jai Siddhivinayak' from Udit Narayan's devotional album 'Bhajan Sangam Udit Narayan'. This bhajan will fill you with its positive energy and remind you that everything will be fine in the end and that remembering him will bring you nothing but good luck. The mp3 of this bhajan is available for you to download and add to your own list of best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3 and start your mornings on a positive note.


Moving on to the next bhajan from his album of 'Bhajan Sangam-Udit Narayan', we bring you 'Har Har Mahadev Shiv Shankar Tripurari', this is devoted to Shiva, the God of Gods! This mp3 will give you goosebumps and will make you feel refreshed. The power of Shiv Vandana is such! The album 'Bhajan Sangam-Udit Narayan' has many such beautiful devotional mp3 that you can listen to and download. And we have tried to bring the best of Udit Narayan ka bhajan into one playlist so that you don't have to search everywhere and save your time in devoting yourself to the almighty. Another bhajan which is a part of 'Bhajan Sangam-Udit Narayan' that will help you stay peaceful and bring happiness in your life is 'Kiya Tan Aur Man Arpan', a bhajan devoted to Lord Krishna. 'Jag Adhin Prabhu Ke Upar Song' is a very sweet bhajan with the youthful voice of Udit Narayan. You will find yourself humming the bhajan in all calmness.' Ram Ram Bhaj Prani Japle', 'Dhan Sampati Se Bhara Hua Tu' and 'Maine Chhoda Jagat Janjal' are the other songs from the album that you can download here on Saregama.


'Chhabi Avan Mohan Lal Ki' is also very soothing, and you can play this mp3 in the morning so that you have the whole day sorted. This bhajan is from Udit Narayan's devotional album called 'Bhajan Sangam-Bhajan Vatika'. It is amazing how music helps you chant God's name and helps you go through the day! This playlist of best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3 has all those bhajans that will bring peace to your days. The album 'Bhajan Sangam-Bhajan Vatika' is filled with the best bhajans in the beautiful voice of Udit Narayan. 'Hari Hori Hai Song' is a bhajan dedicated to Lord Krishna, and it is in the spirit of Holi. This bhajan was created by the biggest devotee of Krishna, Surdas. This mp3 makes the playlist of Udit Narayan ke bhajan more so unique. Download this track and feel the essence of Holi. Another bhajan that makes up our playlist of Udit Narayan ka bhajan is 'Jayati Jay Raghuvansh Bhushan Song' that praises the glory and might that King Ram brought to his kingdom of Ayodhya. 'Ram Bharosa Rakhiye' is one bhajan dedicated to Lord Ram, 'Chhotu Sa Kanhaiya' and 'Hume Nandnandan Mol Liyo', which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. We recommend you download these devotional tracks and add them to your playlist of best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3.


There is another devotional album credited to Udit Narayan. It is called 'Bhajanoday'. This album of bhajans is majorly devoted to Lord Krishna, and all the tracks are the best of Udit Narayan ke bhajan. The track titled 'Hori Khelan Aayo Shyam' is again about Lord Krishna and his love for the colourful festival of Holi. Other bhajans include 'Kahan Ke Pathik Song' and 'Main Nahi Mera Nahi Song'. 'Tihro Kanhaiya Bole Jhoot', a sweet song about the gopis complaining about Lord Krishna to his mother, Yashoda. All these bhajans are very beautifully created and will surely make you feel that you are in Vrindavan singing the praises of Lord Krishna. Make sure you download this album, so you never miss out on the wonderful Udit Narayan ka bhajan.


One track added to the playlist of best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3 is called 'Mohan Hamare Madhuban Me' from the devotional album' Millenium Devotional'. This bhajan is one of the best Udit Narayan ka bhajan. The bhajan is in all praise for Lord Krishna and how he has charmed everyone around him. This track will make you feel happy and help you remember your love for everyone's favourite, Kanha! We recommend you to add it to your playlist of best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3 and soak in all the peace and calmness these bhajans has to offer.


The bhajans that make up our playlist of Udit Narayan ka bhajan are all very calming and healing. The devotion you have towards the almighty can be well channelised through these bhajans. Best bhajans of Udit Narayan mp3 in the beautiful and soulful voice of Udit Narayan will make you feel connected with yourself and with divine energy. We have put together the best bhajan tracks, which you can download from Saregama. Each of these bhajans has different moods; some are refreshing, while the others will make you sit at peace and ponder. But each one of these will surely make your life more beautiful. We hope you will love all these enchanting bhajans and add them to your Udit Narayan ka bhajan playlist.


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