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Tere Bina Song

Album : Haseena Parkar
Singer : Arijit Singh,Priya Saraiya
Lyricist : Priya Saraiya
Music Director : Sachin-Jigar
Star Cast : , Ankur Bhatia

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Tere Bina Song Lyrics

Rangon bina jaise ho aasman
Khushbu bina jaise behti hawa
Jaise bina haya ke parda ho koyi
Jaise bina dua ke sajda koyi

Tere bina main
Tere bina main
Ke tere bina main
Ho tere bina main

Aa tujhko chaahun main toot ke
Jana kabhi na rooth ke
Ho aa tujhko chaahun main toot ke
Jana kabhi na rooth ke

Jaise bina rooh ke jism ho koyi
Jaise bina wafa ke ishq koyi

Tere bina main
Tere bina main
Ke tere bina main
Ho tere bina main

Tujhe baandh ke main taveez sa
Apna bana loon main khuda
Yehi minnatein yehi hai dua
Ishq mukammal ho mera

Ho yehi minnatein hain meri
Aaye na judayi
Bezar se jahan jiyunga nahi

Tere bina main
Tere bina main
Ke tere bina main
Ho tere bina main

Enlighten the romantic soul inside you with Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) featuring Shraddha and Ankur

Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) is a romantic number from the Hindi movie ‘Haseena Parkar.’ This movie was released in the year 2017. The song Tere Bina(तेरे बीना) was sung by Singer Arijit Singh and Priya Saraiya. The music director of this movie is Sachin-Jigar. Tere Bina Lyrics were written by Priya Saraiya. The movie “Haseena Parkar’ is a biographical crime thriller loosely based on the titular character who is the sister of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim.

Actress Shraddha Kapoor plays the titular character in the movie. It also stars Actors Siddhanth Kapoor and Ankur Bhatia in lead roles. Arijit Singh is an Indian singer and music composer who predominantly sings in Hindi and Bengali cinema. He was declared as the most-streamed Indian artist in the Spotify app in the year 2020. Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) is one of the melodic songs by Singer Arijit Singh.

Sachin-Jigar is an Indian music composer duo who is known for composing Hindi and Gujarati songs. They have recorded many successful tracks together. Before working independently as music directors, they were working as orchestrators for music director Pritam

Priya Saraiya is an Indian playback singer and lyricist in Bollywood. She has sung many hits and has written lyrics for many popular songs, including the Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) from the movie ‘Haseena Parkar.’

The Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) gives us glimpses of Haseena’s earlier life before becoming a dreaded gangster who was operating from Dharavi in Mumbai. In the video of Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना), they show how she get marrieds to Ibrahim, played by Ankur Bhatia. It is shown that she was living a peaceful life until Ibrahim was murdered in broad daylight. Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) also indicates the significant transformation of an innocent, shy girl into a rough talking mob-boss.

Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) is a soothing musical number that shows the budding romance between the couple in the movie. The sound of flute and strokes adds the perfect element and makes it worth hearing. The feelings are well-portrayed in this song.

‘Download Tere Bina’(तेरे बीना) and listen to the soothing music from the voice of Arijit Singh singing the Tere Bina Lyrics. When you are in love or happy or sad, it impacts the musical choice. It reflects how you feel and makes us understand how good or bad we feel while listening to the selection of songs. It basically speaks our mind either through lyrics or the sound or the rhythm of the music. The Tere Bina Lyrics makes us realize the first rush of love, and the sort of madness one feels when in love. Some songs just have the magic to make you feel about the right emotions.

When to listen:

Listening to Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) gives us warm feelings and an equally overwhelming feeling which makes us sad and happy at the same time. You start to think about the person you have a crush or liking while listening to it. Songs like Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) take you by surprise and make you want to hear it again and again.

Some songs make you lose your minds, and it gives the tears of joy. You can share this music with your loved ones and express joy.

Download Tere Bina(तेरे बीना) from the Saregama website and enjoy the soulful voice by Arijit Singh. This song gives the extraordinary comfort that you are seeking. When you are in love, you feel complete when you are with your loved one. No matter how bad your day was, listening to Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) with your partner will brighten your mood. Love is all about sharing life and never letting go.

Tere Bina mp3(तेरे बीना) shows that love has no limit or boundaries; it will make you or break you. There will be a particular person in your mind when you listen to love songs. That person can be a part of your life or may not be your part of life. Downloading Tere Bina(तेरे बीना) may also remind you about the old connection which you shared with that special someone in your life. When you are in love, there is always one person you remember in your life during all your little moments in life. Sometimes, in life, you feel incomplete without your loved ones. Download Tere Bina(तेरे बीना) and listen to this mp3 with your loved ones as this song expresses the perfect expressions of love.

Every song reminds you of your partner. You feel like sharing little things with them. You may even share your song playlist with them. Download Tere Bina(तेरे बीना), and it will set your mood bright. It also makes us realize that you will make it through all the challenges if you are destined to be together, no matter whatever obstacles you may go through. Tere Bina song(तेरे बीना) will make your partner realize what you feel for them.

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