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Har Har Mahadev Song

Album : Shiv Statrom
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Feel the Cosmic Energy within with Har Har Mahadev Song(हर हर महादेव)!

Lord Shiva is the ultimate source of power, energy and everything around us. The Adi Yogi. The supreme God. Today we bring to you the Har Har Mahadev song (हर हर महादेव) from Saregama India to dive in the ocean of divinity and feel that Mahadev is within you.

The phrase 'Har Har Mahadev'(हर हर महादेव) has many interpretations. The most appropriate being that every life is essential and plays a crucial role in the world, hence 'Har Har Mahadev'(हर हर महादेव); every individual belongs to Mahadev-the supreme source of life.


The Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) is sung by Susmita Goswami, and it is a song from the album 'Shiv Statrom', which was released in the year 2004. Susmita Goswami is a famous Bengali singer who also sings devotional songs. Her voice is magical. Download Har Har Mahadev(हर हर महादेव) to listen to her beautiful voice singing the praises of God of Gods, Mahadev. The part of the trinity of 'Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.'


Har Har Mahadev mp3(हर हर महादेव) is available on Saregama to download, which you must because the Har har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) is divine, and its energy is infectious. The melodious voice of Susmita Goswami and the lyrics written all in praise of Lord Shiva is heavenly. The Har Har Mahadev mp3(हर हर महादेव) must be in your playlist of devotional songs.

Lord Shiva is represented in many forms. He is a peaceful Yogi, a feisty dancer, as the Lord of Cattles, who we call Pashupati, and of course Ardhanarishwar, half male and half female depicting the oneness of nature. Once you listen to the Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव), you will notice the mentions of how mesmerising Adi Yogi is. He is 'Satya', the ultimate truth. He is 'Sanatan'; he is eternal. He is 'Avikari' and 'Avinashi', meaning the one who is neither created nor destroyed. He is the supreme omniscient. Har Har Mahadev mp3(हर हर महादेव) describes Lord Shiva in such an imaginative way that you will be mesmerised. Download Har Har Mahadev(हर हर महादेव)from Saregama India by Susmita Goswami. If you are a devotee of Lord Shiva, you are definitely going to love the Har Har Mahadev mp3(हर हर महादेव).


The album 'Shiv Statrom' features many beautiful tracks devoted to Lord Shiva. 'Jay Shiv Onkar', 'Jinke Hriday me Shri Shiv Base', 'Jayati Jayati Jagniwas' and 'Sada Shiv Shankar Data' apart from the Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव). These songs are by Atanu Sanyal and Susmita Goswami. Check the album 'Shiv Statrom' on Saregama India.

The song describes Shiva as 'Aadi, Anant, Anamay, Akal, Kaladhari', which means he is 'The first man, infinite, devoid of any deformity, timeless and the one who has long tresses'. He is 'Sada Shmashan Vihari', the one whose home is a cemetery. He is also depicted as 'Bhairav', who is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva. Even the demons pay their regards to Lord Shiva, as they too consider him as their ultimate source of power. Lord Shiva does not discriminate against anyone, be it a demon or a human. He will bless you if you pray to him with all you got. You see, the Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) is so special because it will let you know how diverse Lord Shiva can be. He can be in various forms and still remains formless. Shiva is the destroyer of evils; he lives as an ascetic but possesses the power of the entire world; when angered, he can destroy all the three worlds, but he can bless you with all his heart when pleased. He is the creator, the nurturer, and, if need be, the destroyer of the Universe. Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) praises the glory of Mahadev. This song needs to be on your playlist. Download Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) and express your love to the God who takes away all your pain and suffering.


Lord Shiva is also considered to be the one who can defeat anyone but can never be defeated by anyone. He is fearless and fierce. Yet he is to his ardent devotees, Bhola. The innocent God who will bless you if you pray with your whole heart. The Har har Mahadev mp3(हर हर महादेव) will let you reach that extreme level of divinity where you can realise that you and Shiva are one. This song is for the seekers of Mahadev, people who cannot find the ways to express their gratitude to Lord Shiva, and it is for people who simply want to thank him for whatever grace he has showered upon us. Download Har Har Mahadev(हर हर महादेव) and seek 'the one'.


Devotional songs are a powerful medium. These devotional songs are like gateways for us to realise that we are not away from our creators. Devotional songs, entwined with soulful music, are like therapy that will calm your mind and will let you focus. The Har Har Mahadev song(हर हर महादेव) is one such track that will help you gain your mindfulness and enlighten you. Hence we suggest you should download Har Har Mahadev(हर हर महादेव) and listen to it. You are going to feel the power of Adi Yogi with this one. Har Har Mahadev!

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