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Prabodh Chandra Dey (May 1, 1919 − October 24, 2013), known by his stage name Manna Dey, was an internationally acclaimed and celebrated Indian ... Read More

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Feel the Pain in Manna Dey Sad Songs

 Bollywood will always consider it to be lucky to have so many soulful singers in each generation. One such singer about whom Bollywood can boast to date is Manna Dey. Manna Dey is one of the most versatile singers that has ever worked in Bollywood. He had sung songs in more than ten languages and every genre prevalent in Bollywood. Let us talk about some of the Manna Dey sad songs in this article.

The soul that circulates in every Manna Dey sad song catches the attention of the people. People love to hear them in loops and enjoy the soul and pain in the songs. If you are also a Manna Dey sad songs lover, download them from the Saregama website to save in your Carvaan.


Kasme Wade Pyar Wafa song

If you search for Manna Dey sad songs, Kasme Wade Pyar Wafa will tick mark all your requirements. This song is from the movie Upkar, starring Manoj Kumar. Kalyanji-Anandji is the music director, and Indeevar is the lyricist of the song. The song is a solo performance by Manna Dey.

You will understand the theme of the song from the lyrics and the tune. The song revolves around the thoughts of a person who has been betrayed in love. He laments, trusting in his beloved person. The soulful voice of Manna Dey carefully encapsulates the mood of the song.


O Kokila Tore Sudhai Re song

Manna Dey is a prolific singer of Bengali music. Numerous Manna Dey Bengali sad songs have become evergreen hits. One such song is "O Kokila Tore Sudhai Re Song". the song is from the movie Baghini, and the music director is Hemanta Mukherjee. Hemant Mukherjee took the name of Hemant Kumar in Bollywood. Pulak Banerjee wrote the lyrics of the song.

Like other Manna Dey sad songs, this song is also his solo performance. The lyrics express the thoughts of a man who has lost everything and is now comparing his condition to a cuckoo bird who also does not own a home. If you like this Manna Dey Bengali sad song, download it from the Saregama website.


Baro Eka Laage song

Baro Eka Laage is another evergreen Manna Dey Bengali sad song. This song is from the movie Chowringhee starring Biswajit, Utpal Dutta, Uttam Kumar, and many more famous faces. The music director of the film is Ashima Bhattacharya, and the lyricist is Miltoo Ghosh. Manna Dey delivered a solo performance again in this sad song.

This Manna Dey Bengali sad song revolves around the thoughts and loneliness of a person. He thinks of his life and expresses the natural changes and how it is affecting him. After its release, the song’s tune became so popular that people sang this song whenever they used to get a chance.


Tum Besahara Ho song

"Tum Besahara Ho song" is from Movie Anurodh and is a famous Manna Dey sad song, starring Mr Rajesh Khanna and Simple Kapadia. The song features Vinod Mehra and Ashok Kumar on the silver screen. Laxmikant Pyarelal is the music director, and Anand Bakshi is the lyricist of this song. This song is again a solo performance from Manna Dey.

The song is not only sad but an instructive one as well. It teaches life lessons like providing support to others. Such lessons are best put forward with a firm yet soulful voice. For this reason, Manna Dey was the obvious choice for Laxmikant Pyarelal. If you like this Manna Dey sad song, download it onto your system.


Se Amar Chhoto Bon song

If you like Manna Dey Bengali sad songs, you would love Se Amar Chhoto Bon song. The song is directed by Suparnakanti Ghosh and written by Pulak Banerjee. It has been included in the album Chayanika Manna Dey Vol. 1, in which Manna Dey has rendered a solo version.

Se Amar Chhoto Bon is a famous Manna Dey Bengali sad song that reflects the eternal bondage between a brother and a sister. Manna Dey sang the song from the perspective of the brother. He expresses his love and feelings for his sister. This song is used in several Bengali events that highlight the brother-sister bondage.


Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni song

"Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni song" is an eternal Manna Dey sad song that people still listen to now. This song is from the movie Karmayogi featuring the superstar Raaj Kumar. Kalyanji-Anandji is the music director, and Verma Malik is the lyricist of the song. Like other music directors, Kalyanji-Anandji also used the same formula of having Manna Dey as the solo singer to express the song’s mood.

Jaisi Karni Vaisi Bharni is a song that focuses on the principles of Karma. It highlights that the person gets the result of his deeds. If you like such ideologies, download this Manna Dey sad song in your Carvaan from the Saregama website.


Manush Khun Hole Pore song

Manna Dey has delivered several soulful sad songs in the Bengali language. one such song is Manush Khun Hole Pore from the movie Chirodiner. The film showcases the acting talents of famous superstars like Mrinal Mukherjee, Uttam Kumar, and Supriya Choudhury. The music director and the lyricist of the song are Nachiketa Ghosh and Gauriprasanna Mazumdar, respectively.

Manush Khun Hole Pore song features the unique concept of how people focus on the wrong-doers and not on the victims. The ‘Nihoto Golam’ never finds the proper justice. The song’s tune strikes the listener’s heart, and they can feel the pain in the song. If you love this Manna Dey sad song, download it onto your system and listen to it in loops.


Final Words

Amongst several Bollywood singers, Manna Dey had got one of the most versatile talents. He was a master in every genre, be it happy, fun, stoic, or sad. He had delivered some of the evergreen chartbusters in the history of Bollywood. If you like Manna Dey sad songs, search for them on the Saregama website. Do make a list of them and download it onto your Carvaan system.


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