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Lata Mangeshkar Songs

Actor, Singer, Music Director, Lyricist

Lata Mangeshkar (28th Sep. 1929 - 6th Feb. 2022) was an Indian singer, and occasional musiccomposer. She was one of the best-known and most respected playback s... Read More

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Create A Serene Ambience in Your Home with Lata Mangeshkar Aarti

Bring home the perfect spiritual ambience with Lata Mangeshkar aarti. After a tired day at work, some soul-soothing music is always welcome. It helps to cleanse the heart of all evil thoughts so that you have a clear mind. You can download Lata Mangeshkar aartis of best quality at Saregama and listen to them when you seek solace. The devotional songs are available in MP3 and HD versions. You can listen to a 90 seconds preview before downloading the best songs to add to your Aarti playlist. Invest on some good devotional music to listen to during your free time.


The veteran singer Lata Mangeshkar is popular for her sweet voice. She has ruled Bollywood music for several decades. The sweetness of her voice will instantly make you feel closer to God when you listen to Lata Mangeshkar aarti. It is not surprising that people frequently download Lata Mangeshkar aartis during the festive season. The aartis and bhajans of popular lords can be heard in every alley. These bhajans and aartis are voiced by popular singers like Lata Mangeshkar. When you hear these songs, you feel relaxed and soothed.


Lord Ganesha is referred to as ‘Shipra Prasadi’ or the instantly pleased deity. He is also referred to as ‘Vigneshwara’ or the remover of hurdles. The devotees of Lord Ganesha play sweet Aartis and Bhajans in the voices of popular singers to please their favourite God. ‘Gajanana Shri Ganraya Song’ in Lata Mangeshkar’s sweet voice is among the most popular Aartis during Ganeshotsav. If you are a devotee of Lord Ganesha, you must add this Lata Mangeshkar aarti to your devotional playlist. Play the aarti when your guests arrive and they will be impressed by your superior taste in Aartis and Bhajans.


The trend in India is to play devotional songs by popular singers during important festivals of the year. If you bring Ganeshji home each year, it would be a great idea to select some beautiful Lata Mangeshkar aartis from the Saregama collection and add them to your playlist. You can download Lata Mangeshkar aartis in MP3 or HD versions as per your personal liking. You get to hear a 90 seconds preview of the songs. This will help you assess the sound quality before adding the song to your personal collection. Invest on some nice devotional songs so that your home ambience is defined for the festival season.


The song ‘Gajanana Shri Ganraya’ by Lata Mangeshkar is extremely popular. You will hear this song being played in every Ganesh Mandal during Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav. It is among the popular Lata Mangeshkar aartis that devotees love hearing each season. It is available in Saregama’s ‘Lata-Ganpati Aarti’ album. The devotional songs in this album are sung by the Mangeshkar sisters Lata and Usha. The album also contains ‘Shri Ganpatiche Aarti’ in Lataji’s magnificent voice. You can listen to these songs again and again once you download Lata Mangeshkar aartis and add them to your collection. Listening to these songs will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Apart from the popular songs by Lata Mangeshkar, there are some devotional songs by Usha Mangeshkar too in the ‘Lata-Ganpati Aarti’ album. You may select  ‘Zul Zul Vaahe Song’, ‘Jay Gananayaka Song’ and several other Ganpati worship songs by Usha Mangeshkar too from this album. If you are having difficulty picking the best Lata Mangeshkar aartis, you can choose the entire album and enjoy special discounts for the same. Be assured of quality when you select MP3 and HD songs from the Saregama collection.


Saregama also has an exclusive album of the musical maestros Lata Mangeshkar and Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar. This collection includes some impeccable Lata Mangeshkar aartis like ‘Ganraj Rangi Nachto Song’ and ‘Tuz Magto Mi Aata’. The compilation includes several other beautiful songs by this musical duo. If you are a fan of both these great musicians, go for the entire album. You will not just save some quick bucks but also be able to download Lata Mangeshkar aartis and memorable compilations of Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar. If you are not able to make up your mind about the songs, just listen to the 90 seconds’ preview. It will help you assess the sound and recording quality. If you are satisfied with the same, download these songs and add them to your personal collection. Listen to these songs whenever you wish to relax.


Lata Mangeshkar fans will be impressed to see a vast collection of devotional songs in her melodious voice only on Saregama. You can select from several different varieties of devotional songs like Aartis, Abhangs, Shlokas and Bhakti Geets. You can download Lata Mangeshkar aartis while checking out these other options too in Lataji’s melodious voice. There are songs dedicated to Lord Krishna such as ‘Baaje Re Muraliya Baaje Song’ and ‘Brindaban Ka Krishna Kanhaiya Song’ in Lata Mangeshkar’s sweet voice. Marathi song lovers can go for Lata Mangeshkar aartis like ‘Avachite Parimalu Song’ and ‘Aaji Soniyacha Dinu Song’ which are written by Dyaneshwar. Ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu can instead go for the album ‘Golden Hour Lata Mangeshkar Devotional’ and will find popular songs like ‘Bhanancha Tu Bhukela Re Murari’ and ‘Raghunandan Aale’ all in one playlist. Listen to these songs and picking out the best out of the lot will never be easy for you. Instead go for the whole album on Saregama and enjoy special discounts for the same.


As the life in the city gets hectic, we need to find solace through peaceful songs and devotional numbers. There couldn’t be a better option than Lata Mangeshkar aartis on Saregama. Each of these songs instantly touch the soul and bring out emotions that you can never expect. If you are planning a travel, include these songs to your early morning playlist. If you download Lata Mangeshkar aartis, you can impress your friends by the superior sound quality available only on Saregama. Invest your valuable time in selecting the best devotional songs to soothe your mind only on Saregama’s impressive collection.

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