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Download Your Favourite Ilayaraja Sad Songs from Saregama

Ilaiyaraja is one of the most popular musicians of South India. He has contributed immensely to music in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. He has composed songs starring different actors. He has worked with popular singers from different times. He has a genius in bringing emotions into music while creating Ilayaraja sad songs. You can check the different options listed on Saregama before you take your pick. Download the best songs from the lot and add them to your Ilaiyaraja unique playlist. Flaunt your superior taste in South Indian music by playing those songs in front of relatives and friends.


‘Enthan Pon Vanname Song’ is a sad song from the film ‘Naan Vaazha Vaippen’. The film casts Rajnikant, Sivaji Ganesan and K. R. Vijaya in lead roles. The lyricist for the song is Kannadasan while the singing is done by P. Susheela. If you are a P. Susheela fan, you may also listen to ‘Unnai Nambi Song’ from the film ‘Chittukuruvi’. The song lyrics are written by Vaali. Siva Kumar and Sumithra act in the song sung by P. Susheela. These Ilayaraja sad songs are available for download in MP3 and HD versions. You can listen to the 90 seconds’ preview available for the songs before deciding which songs to keep. You will have to pay Rs. 4 for each MP3 song your download. Be assured of superior sound quality and recording while choosing the Ilayaraja sad songs from Saregama’s vast collection.


You may also go for the song ‘Chinnapura Ondru’ from the film ‘Anbe Sangeetha’. Actors Jaiganesh, Radhika and Sumitra were cast in this song. The lyricist Vaali wrote lyrics for this song sung by S. P. Balasubramanian and S. P. Sailaja.  You may also choose ‘Uravugal Thodarkathai Song’ from the film ‘Aval Appaditthan’. The song stars Rajnikant, Sivachandran, Sri Priya and Kamal Hasan. The song lyrics was written by Gangai Amaran and the song was sung by K. J Yesudas. There are many more Ilayaraja sad songs in the voice of K. J Yesudas. Previews will help you get the feel of these Ilayaraja sad songs.


S. Janaki was one of the popular singers of Tamil cinema. She has contributed to countless songs. If you are a fan of this singer who is looking for Ilayaraja sad songs, you have come to the right place. Saregama has many songs of S. Janaki listed for you. select the duet song ‘Raja Embaar’ from the film ‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvi Kuri’ sung by S. P. Balasubramanian and S. Janaki. The lyrics of this song were written by Panchu Arunachalam. You may also go for the solo song ‘Maalai Nera Kaatre’ from the film ‘Agal Vilakku’ sung by S. Janaki. The lyrics of this song were written by Gangai Amaran. There are several more Ilayaraja sad songs sung by S. Janaki listed on Saregama. Check them out and decide which of these songs you want in your private collection.


T. M Soundararanjan is yet another singer who has worked with Ilaiyaraaja for a couple of movie songs. You can listen to the song ‘Nandooruthu’ sung by this singer for the film ‘Bhairavi’ starring Rajnikant and Sri Priya. The song lyrics was penned by Chidambaranathan. If you like the singer’s voice, you may also check out the song ‘Amma Nee Sumandha’ from the film ‘Annai Ore Aalayam’. The song has actors Rajnikant and Sri Priya in lead roles. Vaali has written the lyrics for this song. Check out this and many more Ilayaraja sad songs on Saregama.


Ilaiyaraaja has worked with many singers spanning over several decades. Creating sad songs of different intensities. Take time to assess the different Ilayaraja sad songs for their intensity and feel. The songs are available for download in MP3 and HD versions. You need to invest Rs. 4 for an MP3 song and Rs. 10 for an HD song. There is a slight difference in the quality of recording for the two. Invest on good quality MP3 recording of Ilayaraja sad songs so that you can enjoy them whenever you wish.


While most people choose to listen to happy songs, sad songs can actually help the emotional healing process. When we listen to sad songs that reflect our emotions, we feel like someone understands us. This helps to lighten the emotional state. It also helps to cope with difficult emotions. It is a great idea to have a collection of Ilayaraja sad songs that you play in the background when you are in a sad mood. The songs are directed to create the right mood and feel. Different popular singers of different eras have contributed to Ilayaraja sad songs. You will get a chance to appreciate the singing skills of singers like K. J. Yesudas, S. P. Balasubramanian, S. Janaki, P. Susheela, S. P. Sailaja and several others.


If you are an aficionado of music, you should have albums of all top singers and music directors. Ilaiyarajaa surely deserves a place in your collection. When you download songs from Saregama, you will be assured superior quality and recording. Hear the previews to get an idea about the quality. You can make separate collections of songs expressing different moods and feelings. You can play these songs during family parties and gatherings. Other music lovers will also appreciate your superior taste in music.


Ilaiyaraaja has worked in many different languages. While his maximum contributions have been to Tamil cinema, he has also contributed to Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi cinema. You can listen to sad songs in many different languages. You can create a multilingual collection that includes songs directed by Ilaiyaraaja in different languages. It will help you know that language is never a barrier to true music skills. There is great healing power in music. If you have a hectic day, play the music at night prior to sleeping. It will soothe your mind and help you get peaceful sleep at night. Go ahead and download your favourite Ilayaraja sad songs on Saregama now!

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