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Singer, Music Director, Lyricist

Gulzar is best known in India as a lyricist for songs that form an integral part of Bollywood. He began his career under the directors Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh ... Read More

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Gulzar Bhajans - A Spiritual Journey

"Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena Song" from Guddi is one of the most inspirational Gulzar bhajans that helps combat the stress levels we as human beings face every day because of the increasing fight for survival and the growing competition in the world. This Gulzar bhajan helps us understand that stress and other adverse circumstances and conditions may be all over us. These are the times when we need to understand the significance of spirituality in our life.


It helps us understand that spirituality is an ongoing process that gives peace and calmness to the mind, the soul, and the heart by guiding us to understand the real meaning of satisfaction. The Gulzar bhajan will help you explore the actual purpose and meaning of living life and how it can be enhanced with lots of truthfulness, positivity, and a little courage to take us away from the never-ending life problems.


"Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena Song" is one of the rare Gulzar bhajans that will help you realise why all of us need to promote peace and harmony while staying away from negativity and violence. It teaches us that we as living life can do everything with the courage to remove the fear of death and worldly insecurities. Our courage can guide us to overcome attachment with living and non-living creations to face failures and every consequence in life with determination and positivity.


This Gulzar bhajan, sung by Vani Jairam, helps us understand an individual lookout for connections and values in spirituality. In contrast, an individual looks for what is right and truthful in a religious concept. In other words, it helps us realise that the primary difference between the two is the way an individual believes and understands both concepts. With music from Vasant Desai, this Gulzar bhajan helps us become aware that we need to practice being more self-aware and conscious of lighting a spark and proceeding ahead with our own spiritual journey. It also guides us to deepen our untold and often unexplored relationship with God and follow a practical approach to living and life without worrying about the forgetting past and the future ahead of us.


When you hear "Hum Ko Man Ki Shakti Dena" in a loop, you will realise that spiritual life can have a more in-depth and significant impact on our lives, behaviour, and mannerisms. Spirituality leads us to spiritual wellness that includes the beliefs, connotations, and values that provide the purpose of a meaningful and purposeful life to us. It also takes us on a journey where we start understanding that our trauma, wounds, pain, and disappointment from this and earlier lives negatively impact our practice of spirituality. The Gulzar bhajan guides us to realise that a progressive spiritual and purposeful life, even a prosperous material life, requires a change in behavioural patterns that may or may not serve us or anyone else.


This Gulzar bhajan will help you realise deep within that it is extremely easy to experience the atmosphere we create for ourselves when we are kind and compassionate to others and when we care about others and what our actions would mean for them. It also helps us understand that every action is similar to a seed being planted and is expected to grow to its fullest, sooner or later.


If we mistreat others and succumb to others' ill intentions and activities, we will fall and live in an unhappy, dark, and cold atmosphere. On the other hand, if we live selflessly with the courage to fight the wrong while caring for others, we will create more freedom, understanding, empathy, and awareness to guide us to a harmonious way of living. In other words, our lives become better, simpler, and gets all the good things when we treat people in the right way. This Gulzar bhajan surely says a lot about the way we should be to ourselves and others.


This Gulzar bhajan may just be a song or a collection of words for some, but actually, it helps us move deeper within our own existence and our own being so we can understand the deeper reality and explore the best of happiness, strength, kindness, awareness, satisfaction, and goodness. It does this by making us understand that it takes sincerity, whole-heartedness, and compassion to give ourselves in the righteous ways to others and the almighty or at least more fully to what we truly believe in and consider to be right.


It also helps us understand that we need to have a joyful mind, a heart full of love, an energetic body, and an aware and thoughtful mind to explore life's most profound dimensions. This is because we should be ready to discover our awareness, with our memory, our attention, and our life. To sum up, this Gulzar bhajan helps us understand that our innocent, simple, honest, and selfless prayers are responded to quickly and directly if we dare to believe in them.


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