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Asha Bhosle Songs

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Asha Bhosle is an Indian singer. She is best known as a playback singer in Hindi cinema, although she has a wider repertoire. Bhosle's career started in 1943 an... Read More

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Asha Bhosle Sad Songs - Time To Pour Your Heart Out

Are you a big fan of Asha Bhosle? If your answer is a big yes, you would absolutely love the Saregama app with hundreds and thousands of Asha Bhosle songs from different genres such as romance, comedy, sorrow, patriotism, and love. The best thing is that you can listen to and download some of the best Asha Bhosle sad songs and Asha Bhosle romantic songs with just a few clicks. If that is not all, you can bring home the Saregama Carvaan to stay connected with nostalgic times of the past.


Whether it's about letting your special someone go forever or parting ways mutually, heartbreaks are never easy. Honestly, these are the times when all we want is some alone time to cry out our hearts. Most often than not, sad Bollywood Asha Bhosle songs are the best companions.


Every decade in the context of Bollywood music has offered some absolute masterpieces for audiences. The golden period of Indian music from 1960-1980 paved the way for some of the most beautiful and romantic songs. It was during these times that Asha Bhosle entered the world of Indian music and captured the hearts of everyone with her melodious voice. Asha went on to become one of the most respected names in Bollywood and stole every heart with some heartbreak anthems.


If you are a die-hard fan of Asha Bhosle, you will find it really difficult to listen to "Yeh Kya Jagah Hai Doston Song" from Umrao Jaan for just one. This Asha Bhosle sad song literally grows on you and brings out the pain of separation in a way that can hurt deep in the heart. With lyrics from Shahryar and music by Khayyam, this Umrao Jaan song throws light on how painful it becomes when the special someone of our life goes away.


If sadness could have another name, it would be "Ab Ke Baras Bhejo Bhaiya" from Bandini. In this song, Kalyani revisits her past and remembers her brother, who lost his life while risking his life, saving a girl during floods. The song depicts the pain and trauma that Kalyani was facing after being made a victim of constant mockery and intrigue by the lecherous jail official and fellow inmates. This Asha Bhosle sad song has lyrics from Shailendra and music by S.D.Burman. The Asha Bhosle sad song MP3 is pain conveyed through eyes, heart, and emotions at its very best.

You can even listen to the masterpiece "O Re Maanjhi Song", sung by S.D. Burman. You can compare this song to any sad song of any era, and it will still lose out before this classic song. There has never been any song more powerful, more convincing, and more painful and full of emotions than this track. The Asha Bhosle sad song MP3 beautifully carries the climax of the movie, and what an absolute masterpiece!

One of the biggest master-strokes of this movie by Bimal Roy was that not every song was picturised only on the female or male lead characters. By doing this, Bimal conveyed to the audience that although the story of his movie is about the lead female character Kalyani, it could also be the story of many other women. It was something never tried before, something never felt before, and something that touches your heart in countless ways.


"Ek Hasina Thi Ek Diwana Tha Song" from Karz is one of the biggest hits of Indian cinema; sung by Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar, lyrics from Anand Bakshi, and music by Laxmikant Pyarelal. This 1980 Hindi movie is about Monty discovering the shocking truth about his earlier birth when his gold-digger wife maliciously planned to kill him and made his family homeless. Monty and his love decide to set things right. This Asha Bhosle sad song is an absolute masterpiece from a cult classic.


If you are looking for the best Asha Bhosle sad song MP3 download, you should listen to "Jab Bhi Milti Hai" from Umrao Jaan. This Asha Bhosle sad song has lyrics from Shahryar and music by Khayyam. It showcases the beautiful love bond between two souls and hearts who are madly and deeply in love with each other.


The song depicts how difficult it is for someone to regroup the inner feelings after being attached to someone and then losing the special one. This song can send shivers down the spine in absolutely no time. One thing is for sure; even the most cold-hearted person would feel a sense of connection and sadness while going through this Asha Bhosle sad song MP3.


Do you want to go for the best Asha Bhosle sad song MP3 download? How about a song that would be stuck in your head and just refusing to go away? It's time you opt for Asha Bhosle sad song MP3 download with "Sada Khush Rahe Tu Rula Denewale" from Bade Bhaiya.


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All you need is to download the Saregama app and start downloading the best of Asha Bhosle songs. One thing is for sure; you'll never get bored of them. Now, that's what we all call the magic of music, and nothing does it better than our own Bollywood. Want to try it out before believing in it?


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