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Allah-Rakha Rahman ( pronunciation , born A. S. Dileep Kumar 6 January 1967) is an Indian composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician and ph... Read More

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AR Rahman sad songs - A wand to melt your depression and sorrow

Many listeners get overwhelmed listening to AR Rahman sad songs; tears roll down from their eyes. One cannot hold back cry hearing the pensive “Evano Oruvan Song” from Alaipayuthey album sung by Swarnalatha. This Mani Ratnam directed film depicts the eternal sadness, the pain of two lovers. In frame by frame, the actress stares at the actor, and he gazes back, as if time freezes, the world disappears only two sets of eyes seeking eternal love. Two heartbeats synchronise, and the soul says she is the one. AR composes the songs of the film to convey the emotional intricacies of the characters. The background tracks speak the emotion.


Once you hear “Dil Se Re” in ARs voice, it provides an instant upbeat ambience. While the melancholy tune of the “Yemi Cheyamanduve Song” artist Shankar Mahadevan haunts you. AR Rahman sad songs portray loneliness in a beautiful and poetic form.



Human emotions are universal and natural.

Raw human emotions, such as anger, joyfulness, and grief, are universal and natural. The tunes composed by AR induce a genuine melancholy mood to the listener. It seems like he actually feels the pain. The songs prove the tenderness of the composer. AR Rahman sad songs mostly comprise slower cadence, minor, mellow mode to express the emotion. "Kalai Poyenu Song" by artist Swarnalatha is an epic romantic sad song that holds a special place in millions of hearts.


Sadness is generally considered a negative emotion, but AR Rahman sad songs are pleasant in an aesthetic context. The underlying tone is melancholy, but it gives a pleasing feeling when it enters your ears. It is a paradox of enjoying sorrowful songs. AR Rahman sad songs invoke nostalgic memories from the times bygone. AR Rahman sad songs Tamil makes you remember some memorable moments of your life. As you close your eyes and listen to those soulful songs, you taste the sweet-bitterness of those memories through vivid imagination. It is about recollecting those smiling, sunny days and the pain of missing them. AR Rahman sad songs are the language of the soul that touches the most resonant chord of your heart.


AR Rahman sad songs Tamil may not be understood by people who do not know the language well, but the listener relates to the unspeakable pain, certainly breaking the language barrier. Your soul understands the melody even though the lyrics could not be well understood. Music is food for your mind and soul, urges you to spend long hours hearing those ecstatical AR Rahman sad songs. It is an irony that for some, sad songs reduce your distress as it acts as a catalyst to open up your shackled emotions. Clinical studies reveal that for some people, sad songs calm down the mind reducing anxiety and stress. The concept of paradoxical pleasure is much talked about. As you indulge in mellow, slow-paced AR Rahman sad songs Tamil, you feel much refreshed, comforted by the time you finish listening to the music.



Inner Zen

Emotions like frustration and anger are negative. But there is no doubt that you derive aesthetic pleasure hearing AR Rahman sad songs. Most people run away from overwhelming emotions such as grief, loss and wretchedness. But when you embrace these emotions, the intensity lowers gradually. Like Poetry, AR Rahman sad songs articulate these profound emotions and helps you find the inner Zen. The lyrics, slower tempo, and rhythm of AR Rahman sad songs Tamil provide you with the space for tranquillity. When you are in a pensive mood, you do not like to listen to upbeat flamboyant music. In such a time, what cures and rejuvenates you most is sad, contemplative music. You feel the instant bond with the melody and emotions painted on the canvas of AR Rahman sad songs.



A gentle tap

Humans experience a vast range of emotions. Most of the feelings remain unexpressed and locked in the closet of our heart. Individuals ponder these deep emotions and want to articulate them through poems, music or song. Once you relate to a particular lyric or melody, the experience of listening to those songs is comforting. AR Rahman sad songs Tamil is like a gentle touch on your turbulent emotions, a wand to dissolve your depression and sorrow. The songs are like a compassionate companion, understanding and soothing your tumultuous feelings. This prospect is more helpful for introverted people who cannot communicate their emotions to others. For many, AR Rahman sad songs are closely associated with a person, incident or experience.


Most people have listened to AR Rahman emotional songs that are absolutely soulful. The best part of such songs is that the music created by the maestro feels like a window to the soul. Music may be the best form of expression that strengthens universal brotherhood and compassion. Emotions certainly stir up the inner feelings, be it joy or sorrow. When everything goes array, no one to listen to you, there is nothing like listening to pensive notes of your favourite sad song. AR Rahman emotional songs help you express the captivated feelings deep within you. The music creates a necessary space, stabilisation, which allows reassessing personal thoughts and experience. It is like the listener expressing the suppressed emotions as richly as the soulful music. There is indeed an inherent bond between music and emotion that influences your behaviour.


It makes you feel joyous while hearing a fast spaced, foot-tapping rhythm. Sometimes AR Rahman emotional songs make your eyes full of tears. Music is a powerful tool that impacts your mood and sometimes inspires actions. A soothing, peaceful music reduces stress and anxiety; it activates the brain region associated with emotions. As the tone changes in a song, the cognitive response also shifts. Sad songs give you the feeling of being moved; that is the most mystical type of experience.



Summing up

AR Rahman sad songs are the most compassionate niche during the dark journey of the soul. Its absolute bliss when you feel walking through the desert alone or in a reflective mood. You can listen to these soulful, melodious AR Rahman emotional songs on Saregama or on Saregama Carvaan Tamil, where there are more than five thousand songs to accompany you on a gloomy day.

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