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Alka Yagnik (born 20 March 1966 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India) is a noted playback singer in Hindi cinema with a career spanning three decades. She is a record... Read More

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Feel Closer to God through Alka Yagnik Bhajans

Alka Yagnik is one of the finest singers in the Bollywood industry. She is considered one of the most versatile singers- a skill that most music directors have high regard for. She has been associated with several movies from the 90s. Most of her mp3 songs have become chartbusters in their years of release. She is one of the last singers who have delivered evergreen songs- mp3 songs that people still love and groove to even after so many years.

Of the several genres in which Alka Yagnik has shown her prowess, the bhajans deserve a special mention. She has sung bhajans for several deities of different religions. You can get the mp3 of these Alka Yagnik Bhajans on various websites; these websites provide a complete Alka Yagnik Bhajan list. One such website is the Saregama Carvaan website, from which you can perform your Alka Yagnik bhajan downloads.


The early music career of Alka Yagnik

Alka Yagnik was born in a Gujarati family residing in Bengal. She got wholehearted support from her mother, who took the responsibility of providing her with the correct form of musical education. Her music skill got its first exposure at her tender age of 6 when she used to sing for Akashvani. She was even brought to Mumbai, where she was recommended by the Bollywood stalwart Raj Kapoor to the noted music director Laxmikant.

Alka Yagnik debuted in 1980 for the movie Payal Ki Jhankaar. Her first hit song was for the movie Lawaaris for which she did not get much recognition. Moreover, she faced tough competition in her initial days from musical stalwarts Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle. She earned her biggest break eight years after her debut with Tezaab, which also garnered her the first of her seven Filmfare awards.


Musical achievements of Alka Yagnik

Alka Yagnik holds several records in Bollywood Industry. Along with seven Filmfare awards, she also got two national awards for the best female playback singer. Alka Yagnik also holds the record for getting nominated for the Filmfare award thirty-six times; no other singer has received so many nominations to date. She has sung in more than twenty languages. If you want to listen to these mp3, you can search for them on the Saregama website.


The devotional side of Alka Yagnik’s music

With so much melody in her voice, a call for religious songs was on the cards for Alka Yagnik. She was soon hired to sing devotional songs in different religions. She has associated herself with various religions, and her devotions show in her voice. Her innumerable mp3 songs can be categorised in specific Alka Yagnik bhajan lists. These lists of Alka Yagnik Bhajan mp3 can be categorised according to religion as well.

If you look into different music-related websites, you will find such Alka Yagnik bhajan lists. These lists are also innumerable, and you might need to spend the entire day if you want to go through them carefully. You can also make your own list of Alka Yagnik bhajans mp3 from these websites. Similarly, you can perform your Alka Yagnik bhajan download from the Saregama Carvaan website.


Bandhu Bhav Har Ek Hriday Mein mp3

Alka Yagnik has sung bhajans not only for the Hindu religion. Her works include that for Buddhism as well. One such mp3 bhajan is Bandhu Bhav Har Ek Hriday Mein Song. This is a Buddhist devotional song included in the album Buddha Hi Buddha Hain. If you love Buddhist bhajans, you will download this mp3 song. This bhajan is a must inclusion in your Alka Yagnik bhajan list.

The song begins with a peppy beat and tune, resembling those happy mp3 songs. Therefore, this mp3 bhajan can be considered a revolutionary approach where most other religious songs are either slow-paced or full of intensity. You can find such songs in various Satsangs and other religious ceremonies. In this song, she has shown the perfect use of her melodious tone to infuse energy into the song.


The meaning of the mp3 bhajan Bandhu Bhav Har Ek Hriday Mein

If you look into the lyrics of the mp3 bhajan Bandhu Bhav Har Ek Hriday Mein Song, you will understand that it is filled with Buddha teachings. The mp3 bhajan tells people how to design their lifestyle. It tells them the importance of friendship and love in life. If both these attributes are considered deeply, life will become more beautiful.

The mp3 also harps on the importance of truth in life. It explains how truth can make life easier and peaceful. It also depicts the value of Sanskar. Sanskar means discipline and tradition. Such traditions are followed for a reason, and believing in them will garner important benefits in life.

This song is not only for older people. Although the song’s lyrics are filled with several hidden connotations and inner meanings, the song’s tune will surely attract younger people. The song is not a lengthy one- the duration being only four minutes forty-five seconds. Therefore, if you start listening to the song, you will never feel bored. After hearing the song in loops, you will feel closer to Lord Buddha. You must not miss such a golden chance for your spiritual upliftment.


If you wish to take such life lessons, listen to this Alka Yagnik bhajan. If you like this mp3, add it to your list of Alka Yagnik bhajans list. If you want this Alka Yagnik bhajan, download it from the Saregama Carvaan website. Look into the website and search for the song.

Alka Yagnik has sung several mp3 bhajans for different languages. The most noteworthy amongst these mp3 bhajans is the mp3 Bandhu Bhav Har Ek Hriday Mein. Many people have loved this song and have downloaded it onto their system. If you wish to do the same, search for the song on the Saregama website. Once you have found the mp3 bhajan, download it onto your system and add it to your list of Alka Yagnik bhajans.


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