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Happy New Year To You Song

Album : Do Jasoos
Singer : Shailendra Singh
Lyricist : Ravindra Jain, Hasrat Jaipuri
Music Director : Ravindra Jain
Star Cast : Shailendra Singh

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Ring in the New Year with Joy: 'Happy New Year To You' MP3 Song Download – Do Jasoos Delivers Festive Vibes

As the countdown begins for the new year, there's a unique blend of emotions in the air. Transitioning from the old year to the new often stirs a mix of nostalgia for what's passed and excitement for what lies ahead. It's a bittersweet moment that we all experience. However, in these reflective times, music becomes our comforting companion, akin to a friend who understands us without the need for words.

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, music takes centre stage, creating a vibrant soundtrack to our celebrations. Whether it's a lively party or a quiet, introspective moment, the music playing in the background adds an extra layer of joy and meaning to the occasion. Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions, bring people together, and mark significant moments in our lives.

Let music lead the way as we usher in the new year, creating a soundtrack that perfectly captures the occasion and sets the mood for the thrilling journey ahead. As we start this new chapter, let’s toast to “Happy new year to you” song be the soundtrack to toast to make your new year celebration memorable and our experiences better.


 "Happy New Year to You": A musical gem

In Saregama's big collection of songs, there's one that's really special - "Happy New Year to You." It's from the album "Do Jasoos," and the person who wrote the words is Hasrat Jaipuri, a pro at making words sound beautiful.Hasrat Jaipuri is known for his fantastic poetic ability. In "Happy New Year to You," he uses words to perfectly capture the feeling of saying bye to the old year and looking forward to a fresh start. The song's words take us on a journey of feelings - it starts a bit sad but then turns into a beautiful upbeat song that connects the past and the future, just like what happens in a new year.

Saregama understands the joy music brings in our lives and wants you to enjoy the magic of music this New Year. Therefore, as we welcome the New Year, Saregama invites you to dive into the world of music. Our handpicked collection, featuring the timeless "Happy New Year to You" and more, is just a click away on our website. Downloading is easy, this way, you can carry the musical spirit with you wherever you go, making sure every moment has the right background music.

So, let the melody of the New Year lift your mood and bring happiness to your heart. May this year be filled with great music, cheerful beats, and loads of musical joy, creating a perfect soundtrack for your journey through 2023.Get ready for a musical New Year with Saregama's collection. Download now and let the celebration begin!

Wishing you a year filled with good songs, happy beats, and lots of musical joy.


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