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Bhinni Rainariye Chamkan Tare Song

Album : Lata Mangeshkar Sings Gurbani
Singer : Chorus,Lata Mangeshkar
Lyricist : Traditional
Music Director : Singh Bandhu

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Imbibe the Soul of Arabic Songs through These Wonderful Arabic Renditions

Arabic songs, as the name suggests, are songs from the land of Arabia. The original version of most of these songs belongs to folk culture. Many of them have been reused and restructured to more popular ones. It is one of the most popular song genres all over the world. People from different parts prefer to download the mp3 version of most of these outcomes of Arabic music.


If you are looking for Arabic songs on the internet, you will get several websites that promise beautiful versions of several songs. However, finding a good quality song is difficult on the internet. Most websites offer recorded versions or their own renditions. They mostly lack originality in their songs.


Saregama is one such website that promises originality and authenticity in all the songs that they offer. It is a trustworthy website which has catered its service to the people over the years. It has a separate section for Arabic songs as well. If you like Arabic songs, download the mp3 version of them from the Saregama website.


The influence of Islam on Arabic music

Religion and culture are synonymous terms. The religion of a place largely contributes to the cultural heritage of that region. Islam is the prevalent religion followed in the lands of Arabia for ages. Even after the bifurcations that took place on Arabic ground, Islam continued to govern the directions and richness of Arabic songs. These songs do not maintain any political boundaries and are spread across countries.


If you listen to any  Arabic song, you will find the reference to Islam in most of their lyrics. Most lyricists refer to Allah, their almighty. They also refer to different Islamic festivals in their songs. Some of these songs include Muradi Ya Muradi, Bi Bismillah Val Hamdi, and Ya Rabbana. The Ya Rabbana song, as the name suggests, is a direct reference to Allah. You will get the chance to download the mp3 versions of all these songs from the Saregama website.


When it comes to portraying Islam through songs, there is a defined way to do it. The tune has to be flowy and subtle. There will be defined instruments that play in the background. When you listen to Arabic music, you will feel like transcending into an ethereal world. After hearing Arabic songs like Ya Sai, you will feel like expressing yourself to the Almighty. These songs also have a soothing effect on your mind and body.


However, Arabic songs do not always portray Islam in an ethereal manner. A faster beat can also be used for expressing the feelings of the lyricists and the singers. Songs like Moulya Swalli and Ya Nabee Salaam are the perfect examples of this mood. These songs show that expressing feelings to God can also be done in a different mood. If you like this genre of Arabic songs, download these songs from the Saregama website.


The contribution of Aamir Jawhar to Arabic music

If you want to listen to some soulful Arabic music, you must follow Aamir Jawhar. He is a singer and composer of several Arabic songs where he expresses his emotions to the almighty. After their release, his songs became so popular that the Saregama website has devoted an entire page to his album Swalawathee. You can find this album when you search for Arabic songs on the website.


When it comes to rendering music, Aamir Jawhar is very meticulous in showing his prowess. For most of his songs, he considers the traditional lyrics for the song. That means he prefers to sing Arabic songs that had been sung over the ages. But, he never tries to tamper with the lyrics or the tune, thus maintaining originality.


However, he does not stick to a single genre of Arabic songs. Instead, he has sung songs on different beats. Some of his songs will make you feel mesmerised with its soul. Some of these songs include Sahabunnasri and Swalli Ala. However, he was also skilful in placing his words and tunes on faster beats. Songs like Muradee Ya Muradee, Aminka Sakkurjee, and Swalathum Summa are classic examples of this genre. He was equally skilful for these songs.


How to download Arabic songs?

If you want to obtain Arabic songs, download them from trustworthy websites. There is a list of websites on the internet that promise the best quality Arabic song. However, when you download songs from such websites, you will find that they lack originality. It will seem as if other singers have sung the songs or the tune has been tampered with.


There are some websites that speak great promises on their homepage. But, when you check on the list of Arabic songs, you will find that most of them are remixes of old songs or renditions of new-age singers. These singers sing their own song with some Arabic words and pass them as a part of Arabic culture. However, getting recognised as a part of such an enriched culture is a long way to go for them. They have to come up with more songs and increasing popularity to reach that cult status.


Therefore, it is essential to have the best quality and original Arabic songs that correctly portray the Arabic culture. There are only a few websites around the world that deal with such songs; one such website is Saregama. This website boasts of originality in its songs. You will find the entire Swalawathee album on this website. Even the songs will sound original to your ears. If you are looking for Arabic songs, download options presented by this website are the safest choice for you.


Other forms of Arabic music

Apart from Arabic songs with an Islamic touch, there are other forms as well. All forms of Arabic music are thoroughly enjoyable. It is also an acceptive art form. Many singers have tried to fuse hip hop and rock genres into Arabic songs. France also has a profound impact on their music. The Franco-Arabian genre is the result of such a conglomeration.

The Arabic R&B genre is the latest addition to the school of Arabian music. The videos of these songs generally have a rapper throughout. Reggae and hip hop are also big hits amongst people. However, very few singers have tried to incorporate this genre into religious music. They prefer to keep them unadulterated and soothing to the ears. Whenever you hear such soulful music, you will get a touchy feel to your heart.



Arabic songs are a hugely popular genre. People around the world love to hear these songs. If you are a fan of Arabic songs, download them from the Saregama website. Then, after you have downloaded on to your system, you can listen to them at your leisure at any time, any place with Saregama Carvaan. 

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