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Fall in Love with Oriya Love Songs

It is said that love has no language but music, it has since time immemorial been conveying the emotions between lovers and to the listeners who connect with it instantly. Saregama recognizes this language of love and has brought you the amazing and melodious playlist of romantic Oriya songs curated for that lovelorn in you. Oriya love songs mp3 with its amazing country tune is sure to spellbind you.


We introduce you to the world of Oriya Love Song mp3 with a 1992 movie 'Badshah', because the album of this movie is directed by legendary Pancham Da and RD Burman. So you get the sweetness of Oriya with the twist of RD Burman. One simply cannot ignore this album while they download Oriya love songs. 'Mahuli Phool Murasa' by Debasish Mohapatra and Geeta Das, 'Lekhideli Aaj Tharu' by Lakshmikanto Palit', 'E Raati E Kuhuri E Andhera' by Trupti Das, 'Are Ke Labho Leba' by Geeta Das, 'Thila Sina Anupama' by Debashish Mohapatra and Lipika Mishra. This album is a great start to your playlist of romantic Oriya Songs.

Anothe movie with a soulful album is 'Jaga Hathare Pagha'. The music of this movie is composed by Prem Anand. The song 'Rupa Saradigey Usna Kaniya' by Mohd. Aziz is one of the best from this album. It is highly recommended for your Oriya love songs playlist. The other one is 'Emithi Katha Ha Thiba' by Akshay Mohanty and Anuradha Paudwal.


'Gapa Hele Bi Sata' is a movie from 1976 and considered the first colour film in Oriya. You cannot complete your list of Oriya love songs mp3 without having its songs in it. 'E banara Chai' by Gurukrushna Goswami and the music is directed by Bhuban-Hari is one song that should definitely be in your Oriya love song playlist.


'Jajabara Mana Mora' from the movie 'jajabara' from 1975 is one of the most liked romantic Oriya songs. The album of the movie is made of some great Oriya love songs. 'Hai se Harini Akhi' by Pranab Kishore Patnaik, 'Danei Das Kahere Bhai' by Akshay Mohanty who is also the composer of the album and Geeta Patnaik, 'Gadi Chale Pachhei' also by Akshay Mohanty and Trupti Das. All these love songs will take you back to the times of love letters. Download Oriya love songs from this playlist and fall in love.


'Mayurigo Tama Aakash Hun' from the movie Arundhati, 'Nacha Nacha Sajni' and 'Ek Deshe Thile Eka' from Mukti are riveting and adding them to your list of romantic Oriya songs will make the playlist more enjoyable.


'Sagar Ganga' a movie from 1994 has a fascinating list of songs in its album. The title track 'Sagar Ganga' is special in more than one way. First, it is voiced by Abhijit and Sadhna Sargam who ruled all our favourite songs from the '90s. Second, it has a nostalgic touch that'll probably remind you of your first love. Another song called 'Chandrama Ago Chandrama' also voiced by the same amazing duo. These two songs from this lovely movie deserve a spot in your list of Oriya love songs. Another from the album is 'Aam Phale' by Abhijit and Dalraj Kaur, very romantic and remember it when you download Oriya love songs.


Another movie with a lovely romantic song is 'Suryamukhi'. And this one song that is sung by none other 'Swar Kokila' Lata Mangeshkar herself. It's a classic that must be in your Oriya love songs mp3 list. 'Se Neea Parideshe' by Nirmala Mishra and Sikander Alam, is a very soulful melody.


A movie titled 'Anutap' from the year 1977, has a romantic song called 'Mu Tumu Ka Bhalo' sung by Nirmala Mishra and Tansen Singh and the music is composed by J. Adeni. All these Oriya love songs lists are filled with you many lovely soulful melodies that you'll be happy you chanced upon this amazing list of romantic Oriya songs.


'Aho Aho Balike' by Prafulla Kar from the movie Devjani is another Oriya love song that should be in your list when you download Oriya love songs. The movie's album has many more gems such as the title track 'Devjani' by Subhash Das and Arati Mishra, 'Ni Sa Ga Ma Pa' by very famous K.J Yesudas and 'Kali Je Ratire' by Arati Mishra and Vani Jairam.


An interesting movie with an equally interesting title called 'Sindura Bindu'. Its album is composed by Prafulla Kar who is a known name in the Oriya music industry. The song 'Mor Priya Tharu' by Chitranjan Jena is full of melody and is a must add to the list of Oriya love songs. Other songs from the same album are 'Gul Guli, Gul Guli' by Prafulla Kar himself and 'Jaubanaru Aparadh' by Sudha Rama and Pranab Kishore Patnaik. Don't forget these enchanting melodies when you download Oriya love songs and you'll feel the magic of Oriya love songs mp3.


A 1984 movie 'Pratidhwani', a social drama, has wonderful romantic songs. 'Chandramallika' by Vani Jairam and Pranab Kishore Patnaik is gripping; it will take you to that era. There are several other songs from this movie that have to be in your list of Oriya love songs. They are 'Rubi Rubi Rubi' by Sikander Alam and H.P Geeta and 'Bedanara Hemantare' by H.P Geeta.


These are just a few of the many songs that make up the exclusive playlist of Oriya love songs. Once you go through the list and start listening to them one by one, you will not stop and download Oriya love songs. Saregama has made sure that you don't miss any of the romance that the Oriya music industry offers. We pick and choose all these songs for you to just get on with your life and keep listening to music that makes your life melodious.

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