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Do you love listening to Oriya old songs? Want to download old Oriya songs with just a few clicks? Do you always wanted to listen to your favourite Odia old song MP3 but clueless about where to download old Oriya songs? Well if your answers are in the affirmative, Saregama is just the perfect option for you.


Saregama is your one-stop music destination to download old Oriya songs and listen to old Odia album songs at any time of the day or night. The best thing is that you don't have to spend endless hours to locate your favourite old Odia movie song as the Saregama website and the Saregama app let you download old Oriya songs in a breeze. Moreover, the quality of the Odia old song MP3 at Saregama is phenomenal. If this is not all, you can download old Odia album songs from your favourite music artists at Saregama.


This means that you can download old Oriya songs from a list of old Odia album songs such as "Tume Lautil Nahi'' from the album Sree-Jaganatha to drown yourself in the sea of beautiful lyrics, music, and composition. You can even turn to old Odia album songs such as "Dinja Rajani Pahere'' from Kedar Gouri sung by Balakrushna Das. This Oriya movie featured Dhira Biswal, Nitai Palit, and Gaura Ghosh in prominent roles and was appreciated by one and all.


Moreover, you can try listening to the evergreen "Chanhena Chanhena Michhe" from the album Shree Loknath. Nirmala Mishra beautifully sang this song and Pranab Kishore Patnaik and Bala Krishna Das's music composition and the star cast of this movie - Akshaya Mohanty, Manimala, Urbashi, and Dukhiram Swain delighted audience across the country. "Tu Ki Paradeshi Nija" from the same album is another all-time classic that made men and women adore the beauty of words penned down by lyricist.


If you are a die-hard fan of Odia old song MP3, the very mention of the old Odia movie song "Mayurigo Tama Akash Mun '' from Arundhati will make you nostalgic. Sung by the legendary Mohammed Rafi with music from Shantanu Mohapatra, this old Odia movie song is a must-hear. Not only this, the old Odia movie song "Ei Chhota Kathatie Bhulo Na'' from the same album is another delight that can capture your heart and soul in absolutely no time.


The list of timeless old Odia album songs does not end here. You can tune into "Udi Udi Udi Jaa Re" from Kie-Kahara to get mesmerised into the world of old Oriya songs. This movie featuring Sarat Pujari, Dhira Biswal, and Lila Dulali was based on the socio-economic conflicts of the declining Zamindar families in India is a testament to how these families struggled to keep their social status intact with significant hurdles.

Coming back to Odia old song MP3, the very mention of "Tume Jadi Sathi Mor" from Stree that featured the legendary Shantharam with Nirmala Mishra as the lead singer does deserve mention.


In this award-winning 1968 Oriya film that was directed by Siddhartha, the female lead character, Anuradha found an unconscious man Debabrata by the seashore. She, along with her brother, brought him to their home and fell in love with him. Anuradha later discovers that Debabrata actually has a son and is a widower. She initially felt betrayed but gradually got close to Debrabrata and his son. But a misunderstanding created by her husband's sister later made them fall apart, only to be reunited with each other towards the end of the movie.


Another old Odia movie song "Tuma Bina Ei Rati" from the same movie is a true reflection of the pain and sadness associated with a broken heart. This beautiful old Odia movie song sung by Nirmala Mishra and Pranab Kishore Patnaik is one of the most beautiful old Oriya songs of all time.


When it comes to old Odia album songs, the Oriya movie Adina Megha will always find a mention. This movie had Prashanta Nanda, Jharana Das, and Dukhiram Swain in the lead roles and Bala Krishna Das as the music director. The old Odia movie song "Ei Bhara Jahana Rati" sung by Nirmala Mishra and Akshaya Mohanty and the song "Gele Gele Gele Gori" by Sipra Bose and Akshaya Mohanty are beautiful examples of timeless old Odia album songs. This classic Odia film directed by Amit Maitra had some more amazing numbers to its name such as "Jibane Sapana Jete", "Bou Lo Ki Kahibi", "Alapa Hasare", and "Jochhana Luchana".


If you want to download old Oriya songs such as "Nakara Nakara Mana", "Jai Fulare", "Jage Jibanare", and "Tora Fusula Fusuli" from the movie Sansar, you can visit the Saregama website or app. Featuring Chapala Nayak and Gaur Ghosh, this Oriya movie had all the ingredients for a perfect movie that was high on emotions.


Download the best of old Odia album songs by choosing Saregama that is unarguably one of the best places online to download and listen to old Oriya songs. The best thing is that you can choose from a variety of old Oriya songs even while remaining on the move.


Whether it is a return home from the office or a morning walk, you can plug in the earphones and listen to captivating old Odia album songs. If this is not all, you can always lighten your mood and listen to the inner voice of your heart by playing the favourite old Odia album songs of your choice at any time of the day or night with Saregama.


All in all, Saregama is your one-stop music destination for captivating Oriya songs, whether romantic, classic, devotional, or regional music. Bring home the Saregama Carvaan today and listen to more than 5,000 preloaded songs. Moreover, you can always listen to countless AM/FM radio channels to keep yourself updated with the best of Oriya old and new songs.


Let's keep ourselves reconnected with our roots again; let's listen to our favourite Oriya old songs again!




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