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Hit Kannada Songs - Download Latest Kannada MP3 Songs

Finding the perfect soundtrack for a special occasion from countless Kannada super hit songs can be a daunting task. Now comes the interesting part. With Saregama, you can now download Kannada hit songs list and listen to your favourite Kannada hits songs MP3. One of the best things about Saregama is that you can visit the website to download Kannada hit songs list or listen to Kannada super hit songs even while remaining on the move.


For instance, you can pour your heart and emotions on Kannada super hit songs such as "Naanu Yaaru Yaava Vooru Song" from Antha. This song by prominent Kannada singer S.P. Balasubrahmanyam is truly a standout even among the other classics. You can portray the beautiful and pure love behind the song with every word of the lyrics making a sizeable impact on you. The movie featured Lakshmi, Latha, Pandari Bai, Ambarish, Jayamala, Baby Sindhu, and Vathsala in the lead roles. You can even listen to other melodies like "Deepaveke Beku", "Premavide", and "Baaramma Illi Baaramma" from the same album.


How about listening to the evergreen classic "Naliva Gulabi Hoove Song" from Auto Raja? Sung by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, this song can enter into the list of top Kannada hits songs any day. When you listen to this song for once, you want to keep repeating it forever. The lyrics of this song from Auto Raja is like the concealing layers of emotions getting revealed to bring out the hidden feelings. You can even listen to some other Kannada hits songs MP3 like "Paramaathma" and "Oru Vargappuratchi" from the same album. This Kannada hits songs would leave you with a heart-touching feel of fidelity, devotion, and yearning for your loved one.


When it comes to the best of Kannada hits songs MP3, you cannot miss out on "Ninna Nanna Song" from Bhagyavantharu. This movie had a star-studded cast featuring Ashok, B. Saroja Devi, Dr Rajkumar, Shashikala, Balakrishna, M. N. Lakshmi Devi, and Suma. The universality of this beautiful and captivating Kannada song has turned it into an absolute masterpiece, which is blessed with an equivocal outlook on love and emotions. If this is not all, you can listen to other Kannada hits songs and download Kannada hit songs list from the same album such as "Ninna Snehake" and "Bhaagyavantharu".


Moreover, you can always tune into the download Kannada hit songs list with songs like "Besuge Besuge Song" from Besuge if you are die-hard fans of the legendary S.P. Balasubrahmanyam and Vani Jairam. It lets you feel the conveying of love's sweaty-palmed excitement and urgency. You can even lend an ear to Kannada hits songs MP3 like "Arere Entha Gandige" and "Vasantha Baredanu" from the same album to dive deep into a musical love journey that simply knows no boundaries.


How about "Preethine Aa Dyavaru Thanda" from Doorada Betta? Sung by P.B. Sreenivas and P. Susheela, this Kannada song along with "Kaamanna Kattige" from the same album are absolute treats for every Kannada music lover. These popular Kannada hits songs can make even the most jaded downer feel all happy and warm inside.


Listening to Kannada super hit songs at Saregama cannot get any better with thousands of Kannada hits songs to choose from! The best thing is that you can download Kannada hit songs list and stay close to the top Kannada hits songs MP3 at Saregama at any time of the day or night. With classic Kannada hits songs such as "Chinnada Mallige Hoove" from Huliya Haalina Mevu to choose from, life is all but musical for you.


This song by S. Janaki is an ultimate melody that will let you hear this song in a loop. The movie had a star cast of Jayachitra, Jaya Prada, Balakrishna, M.P. Shankar, Vajramuni, and Sampath. This 1979 Indian Kannada epic historical drama film is based on the novel Huliya Haalina Mevu. It stars the legendary Rajkumar as Chengumani, the commander-in-chief of the Coorg region in the 18th century. The movie is the first cinemascope movie of Rajkumar, and it was dubbed in Telugu as Prachanda Bheri.


You can even try out "Binkada Singaari" from Kanya Rathna sounds like a keeper for all times. This song is a true proclamation of an understated and gorgeously deft invitation to love. Furthermore, you can listen to some more beautiful numbers from the album like "Suvvi Suvvi", "Onde Mathu", and "Yelliharo Nalla" - all of which can steal your heart in absolutely no time.


When you picture a mesmerising and quintessential romantic number and searching for a good number for Valentine's Day or making a bold declaration of your love, you will always remember the fascinating song "Maria My Darling" from the album. Sung by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, this song is nothing short of a magical treat for the ears. This movie had a powerful cast including eminent stars such as Sripriya, Swarna, Kamal Haasan, M.P. Shankar, Baby Indira, Shivaram, Sudarshan, and Vajramuni.


You can even tune into other melodies like "Obba Ninge Song", "Naanindhu Song", and "Hoovantha Nannu Olithaaga Song" from the same album. The 1980 Indian action thriller film, which was shot in Tamil and Kannada, revolves around Maria's life who is a bold woman with a devil-may-care attitude. Maria has revenge to complete on her hands and is in search of the killer of her mother.


At Saregama, you can also listen to the mesmerising voice of P. B. Sreenivas while listening to "Aadisinodu Beelisinodu" from the movie Kasturi Nivasa. Along with other equally melodious songs like "Elle Iru Hege Iru", "Aadona Neenu Neenu", and "Nee Bandhu Ninthaaga" to name a few.


This 1971 Indian Kannada-language drama film had Rajkumar as a generous man who somehow succumbs to his desire of being generous irrespective of the circumstances ahead of him. Kasturi Nivasa is considered a milestone in the career of Rajkumar and Kannada cinema. The movie completed a 100-week run at 16 theatres in Karnataka and was remade in Hindi as Shaandaar.


Download the best of Kannada hits songs now with Saregama and stay connected with the favourite Kannada super hit songs of your choice within no time.


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