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Mohammad Rafi December 24, 1924 – July 31, 1980 was an Indian recording artist who is considered by many to be one of the greatest Indian playback singers... Read More

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The Perfect Collection of Mohammed Rafi Sad Songs Available on Saregama

There is no singer in Bollywood ever who can give such true feelings to words of pain and sorrow. The Mohd Rafi sad songs are surely a class apart. Listening to these songs make you feel the pain and deep-rooted sorrow that few other singers are capable of expressing through their voice. It is not surprising that the different Mohammed Rafi sad songs provide solace when you relax after a heartbreak. When Rafi ke sad songs are combined with emotional lyrics by the top lyricists of the time, the listener is sure to remain speechless. You can download the Md Rafi sad song mp3 versions on Saregama after listening to a 90 seconds preview to assess the sound quality and recording.


Among the timeless Md Rafi sad song ‘Aaj Purani Rahon Se Song’ from the film ‘Aadmi’. This song reveals how the actor is awakened to the harsher truths of life and does not wish to return to his past life. He thinks he has reached closer to God after this awakening. The song ‘Kabhie Na Kabhie Kahi Na Kahi’ from the film ‘Sharabi’ is a Md Rafi sad song that reflects hope in life. The singer believes that someone will come by to give him company and share his burden of sorrows in life.


When we speak of Rafi ke sad songs, Din Dhal Jaye Song’ from the film ‘Guide’ surely deserves mention. The song describes the pain in separation from the mate. It explains how it is difficult to spend the night peacefully when the partner is angry or away. The Md Rafi sad song ‘Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyar’ is a sad love song from the film ‘Neel Kamal’ that will be remembered by romantics for ages to come. The song describes how the lover died in the name of love and his love still haunts the partner after ages.


Sometimes, the sad songs have survived and stayed popular mainly because of Mohammed Rafi’s fantastic singing. An example is the Md Rafi sad song ‘Hum Tumse Juda Hokar’ from the film ‘Ek Sapera Ek Lootera’. ‘Dono Ne Kiya Tha Pyar Magar Song’ from the film ‘Mahua’ is another example of Md Rafi sad song that instantly stirs sad emotions in the hearts of the listener. Surf Saregama and find your favourite Md Rafi sad song mp3 versions in the best recording and sound quality.


Romantic people will equally enjoy Mohammed Rafi sad songs like ‘Sau Baar Janam Lenge’ from the film ‘Ustadon Ke Ustad’, ‘Aawaz Deke Humen Tum Bulao’ from the film ‘Professor’ and ‘Who Hai Zara Khafa Khafa’ from the film ‘Shagird’. These are sad romantic numbers in Mohammed Rafi’s sweet voice. Make sure to add these Md Rafi sad song mp3 versions to your private playlist. You can listen to these songs and relax just before sleeping. These songs will soothe your senses and make you feel happy. Invest in the best quality Rafi ke sad songs for your gloomy moods.


Neeraj was a very popular lyricists and Mohammed Rafi has given voice to many of his sad and soul-stirring songs. The song ‘Caravan Guzar Gaya’ from the film ‘Nai Umar Nai Fasal’ is a classic example of Neeraj poetry combined with Mohd Rafi’s voice. Other Rafi ke sad songs written by Neeraj are ‘Paise Ki Pehchan Yaha’ from the film ‘Pehchan’ and ‘Subah Na Ayi Shaam Na Ayi’ from the film ‘Cha Cha Cha’. These songs clearly express the sad tales of heartbroken lovers. Betrayal and heartbreak cannot be expressed in a better way than through these Mohd Rafi sad songs. Sad song lovers must add the song ‘Ye Duniya Ye Mehfil’ song from the film ‘Heer Ranjha’ to their Md Rafi sad song mp3 playlist. The lyrics of this song was written by another popular lyricist of the times ‘Kaifi Azmi’. He has contributed lyrics to many popular Rafi ke sad songs.


Some movies were popular for the excellent songs for every mood and emotion. A good example is the film ‘Dosti’. The movie has several good songs like ‘Jaanewalo Zara Mudke Dekho Mujhe’ and ‘Mera To Jo Bhi Kadam Hai’ in Mohammad Rafi’s soothing voice. Make sure to add these Md Rafi sad song mp3 to your sad song playlist. Other popular Mohd Rafi sad songs to consider are ‘Na Tu Zameen Keliye’ from the film ‘Dastaan’, ‘Teri Galiyon Me’ from the film ‘Hawas’ and ‘Ham To Chale Pardes’ from the film ‘Sargam’ to name a few. All these are excellent Mohammed Rafi sad songs to add to your collection. These songs express different sad emotions. The song ‘Akele Hain Chale Aao’ from the film ‘Raaz’ clearly depicts a lover yearning to meet his mate. The sadness in the voice is evident in this Md Rafi sad song.


‘Pathar Ke Sanam’ was another movie popular for Rafi ke sad songs. The title track of this movie itself is a sad song in Rafi Saab’s melodious voice. Kashmir Ki Kali has several beautiful sad and happy songs in Mohammed Rafi’s magical voice. You can consider adding ‘Hai Duniya Usiki Zamana Usika Song’ from this film to add to your sad songs collection. The song will be an excellent addition to your Mohd Rafi sad songs playlist. You can listen to the 90 seconds preview to get a better idea about the sound and recording quality.


Mere Mehboob Tujhe Meri Mohabbat Ki Kasam’ from the film ‘Mere Mehboob’ is yet another Mohammed Rafi sad song that deserves a place in your unique collection. Naushad’s music direction and Shakeel Badayuni’s beautiful lyrics make this a perfect song for all sad moods. Listen to the preview and you will be assured of the best sound and recording quality on Saregama. Invest on some good music to soothe you when you are relaxing. Make sure your sad song collection is complete as you add Rafi ke sad songs to your existing list.

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