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Fans of the great singer and music director from South India, Ilayaraja, will find an immaculate collection of his songs listed on Saregama. Ilayaraja was born on 2 June 1943 as Gnanathesikan in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu, India. He has worked on the music of Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi films. He has also worked on one Marathi film music. He has composed music for over 1000 films and worked on more than 7000 songs. If you are looking for Ilaiyaraaja songs download, Saregama is the best place to find what you are looking for.


You will find Ilayaraja mp3 songs in many different languages listed on Saregama. Whether you are looking for an Ilayaraja melody song or a romance number by this music director, you will find it all on Saregama’s elaborate listing. You can listen to the 90 seconds’ preview of the songs you click. The preview will help you assess the high-quality sound and recording. You can then decide whether to invest in MP3 or HD version of the song you have chosen. You can even select albums of Ilayaraja songs and listen to them whenever you like.


Fans of Ilayaraja Tamil songs should check out the album ‘Ilayaraja Tamil Special’ album. The album includes a carefully curated list of Ilayaraja Tamil songs that you would love to listen to. The album includes some of the most popular songs by Ilayaraja. You can listen to ‘Andhi Mazhai Pozhikaruthu Song’ from the film ‘Raaja Paarvai’. The song is a duet in the voices of S. P. Balasubramanian and S. Janaki. The lyricist of this song is ‘Vairamuthu’. Madhavi and Kamal Hasan play the lead roles in this song. You can listen to this romance song preview on Saregama. The album also has the song ‘Manjal Nilaavukku’ from the film ‘Mudhal Iravu’. The song is a duet sung by P. Jayachandran and P. Susheela. Siva Kumar and Sumitra play the lead cast in this song. Kannadasan is the lyricist for the song. There are several other Ilayaraja Tamil songs that you may like to check out. Pick the best to add to your Ilayaraja playlist.


Fans of Telugu songs by Ilayaraaja should check out the album ‘Ilaiyaraaja Telugu Special’. The album has 19 Ilayaraja songs listed for Telugu music lovers. You can listen to ‘Chinni Chinni Kannaayya Song’ from the film ‘Bhadrakaali’. A song is a romance number directed by Ilayaraaja. The song is a duet in the voices of K.J. Yesudas and P. Susheela. The song lyrics were penned by Dasarathi Krishnamacharyulu. The lead roles in this song were played by Jaya Prada and Murali Mohan. It is a beautiful listing among Ilayaraja songs. You may want to include this to your collection of Telugu Ilayaraja songs. The album has several other songs like ‘Naa Pata Vinuma’ from the film ‘Pasidi Moggalu’ and ‘Manase Villane’ from the film ‘Kotha Jeevithalu’ to name a few. The top singers of South India have contributed to Ilayaraja songs. Listen to these beautiful songs and you will have a difficult time shortlisting the best out of the lot.


Fans of Hindi music won’t be disappointed. You will find Ilaiyaraaja songs download in Hindi too. You can choose the song ‘Aaj Khoye Se Ho Kyon Yum’ from the film ‘Do Dil Deewane’. The lyrics for this song were written by Prem Dhawan’. S. Janaki has sung this song directed by Ilayaraaja. The lead star cast for this movie song were Rati Agnihotri, Kamal Hasan and Deepa. You may also go for the Ilayaraja melody song in Hindi like ‘Mujhse Mile Nain Tere Song’ from the film ‘Akhiri Inteqam’. The song lyrics were written by Manoj Saran and the singers Vani Jairam and Kamal Hasan sang this duet. There are several other beautiful Ilayaraja melody songs in Hindi worth checking out. When you go for Ilaiyaraaja songs download on Saregama, you can be assured of best quality sound and recording.


Ilayaraaja is a known name in the South Indian world of music. He has contributed to the music world immensely. Many of the popular movies of South India have Ilayaraja songs. Tamil movie fans will be aware of the number of movies for which he has done music direction. Be it old films like ‘Achchani’, ‘Aalukkoru Aasai’, ‘Bhadrakaali’ and ‘Murattukkaalai’, the Ilayaraja songs have made all these movies memorable to listeners. You can download Ilayaraja mp3 songs from any of these albums simply by clicking the song to your cart. You can then listen to these songs whenever you wish. The songs have been sung by top singers of South India like P. Susheela, S. Janaki, K.J Yesudas, Vani Jairam among others. Enjoy the beauty of these songs as you listen to their previews.


Fans of Rajnikant should be amused by the vast range of Ilaiyaraaja songs download available for this actor. You can go to ‘Kaathodu Poovurasa Song’ from the film ‘Anbukku Naan Adimai’. The duet sung by P. Susheela and S.P. Balasubramanian stars Rajnikant, Sujatha and Rathi in lead roles. The song lyrics for this Ilayaraja melody song is written by Vaali. You can also check out songs from the film ‘Annai Ore Aalayam’. There are interesting Ilayaraja songs like ‘Nandavanathil Vanda’ in the voice of S.P. Balasubramanian. The duet ‘Appane Pillaiyarappane’ from this film is also enjoyable. It is in the voices of S.P. Balasubramanian and P. Susheela. Listen to these Ilayaraja songs and shortlist the best Ilayaraja melody songs to add to your private collection.


Fans who are looking for melody Ilaiyaraaja songs download should check out the album ‘Melody Hits of Ilayaraja’. The album has several Ilayaraja songs listed for the listeners. Leslie is the artist who has performed these popular Ilayaraja songs for the listeners. These songs could be great picks to play in the background during festivals and gatherings. You can impress your guests with your fine taste in Ilayaraja songs. Invest Rs. 4 for MP3 song download so that you can enjoy your favourite Ilayaraja songs whenever you wish.


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