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A to Z Oriya Songs for all your moods

Music has always turned out to be the sound of the soul and to experience the peace of the universe. The world of Oriya music is replete, and the names are almost unending. These include Akhya Mohanty, Tansen Singh, Busudev Rath, Bhubeneshwari Mishra, Pranab Pathak, Shantanu Mohapatro, Trupti Das, and many. They are all known for their iconic songs in Oriya. A2z Odia movie songs are now available from the online music streaming platforms available on the Internet.


Apart from core Odissi musicians, there are other names too, that come from various parts of the country to lend their voices in Oriya songs. These songs are certainly timeless, and people love to hear them whenever available. Famous singers like Aarti Mukherjee, Anuradha Paudwal, Mohammed Rafi, Mohammed Aziz, Suman Kalyanpur, Suresh Wadkar, Sony Nigam, Udit Narayan, and many others have come up to join the musical world in Oriya.


Never miss out on Oriya songs


Like many other online platforms, Saregama, with its exceptional innovation through Bluetooth speakers (Carvaan), has made it possible for music enthusiasts to listen to all types of songs. A2z Odia songs mp3 are available with Carvaan, so you need not worry when it comes to missing out on any track. Undoubtedly, the music industry in Odisha boasts a long list of tracks that are considered to be evergreen. Some of the classic Odiya songs are certainly timeless, and fans love adding them whenever creating a playlist. The soulful voices are a complete reflection of human emotions, and thus, they remain embossed in our hearts and mind.


Do you know?


Are you aware that Odisha is one of the popular music centres in South Asia? The state is rich with its musical culture. You can Download a2z Odia songs from Saregama. When it comes to the traditional music of India, Odisha makes itself on the frontlist. The present form of Odiya music that we hear today is only the result of the constant evolution of the original Indian classical music. A lot of old Odiya songs have patterns composed from Indian classical music like Raga Prabndha Gana, Sama Gana, and many. The present form of Odiya music has evolved to Ragaksyudra Geeta Pravandha Gana.


This is evidence that Odiya music was introduced in the temples on a daily basis as a part of a ritual. The classical music base includes:


Dhrupad: It is also known as Ghosha, and this form demands repetition of the starting line, and it has significant importance in terms of Odiya music.

Chitrakala: It is the form where art is introduced through music


Panchali: Panchali is a form that comes with multiple lines of lyrics. It is very similar to Bahupad Ayukta Gita. Pachali can be categorised into two forms, and these are Sadhruva and Adhruva. As an example, Odissi Choupadis can be considered as the best one.


Chitra Pada: In this form, the arrangement of words has special significance.

Whatever the form of music, expressing the modern touch and art of Odissi songs is mesmerising. All types of modern, a2z Odia movie songs can be downloaded from the free online music stores on The Internet.


Odiya music adds sense to our life. The traditional form even to this day, continues to be a part of the modern style, and this reflects the reason for popularity. Eyeing the folk counterpart of the Odissi music, the beats and tune compel every listener to be on their dancing steps.


A phagune tume


This is one of the most popular hits when it comes to Odiya songs. Quite naturally, it also comes among the list of a2z Odia songs mp3. The song is an exception from the album presented by Akhya Mohanty, and the same is named in the market as “Mo Priya'' Prafulla Kar is the music composer of this album.



This song has been sung by Pranab Pattnaik and becomes a part of the famous classic movie “Sesha Shrabana.” This music, too, has been composed by Prafulla Kar. This artistic track is also one of the inclusions from the list of popular hits. Download a2z Odia songs and experience the magnificent work of musical composition. The film starred, Mahasweta Ray and Prashanta Nanda.


Jhumka Tike Tu Ta Halaide


This song was sung by Tansen Singh, and this exceptional work was presented in the Odiya movie “Chinha Achinha. The music was composed by Basudev Ratha. If you want to hear this song, consider downloading the track from a2z Odia movie songs.


The inception of Odiya music


The state of Odisha is rich in traditional indigenous classical music. Quite interestingly, the approach of Odissi music is significantly different from the Carnatic and Hindustani musical counterparts. This is the reason Odissi music is often known as the third form of classical music. When it comes to Odia recorded music, the first few decades were dominated by the same form of music.

If you want to experience the artwork through Odissi music, consider downloading different forms available on the Internet. The songs included in a2z Odia songs mp3 will also help you to determine the variations in Odia music.


The evolution of Odissi music


It all started with Kavichandra Kali Charan Patnaik, a renowned poet, dramatist, musician, and theatre person. He started experimenting with Odissi music and came up with a new form of lighter versions. However, due to the absence of proper media inclusion, this form did not receive the deserved popularity.


By the 1960s, All India Radio became popular in the city of Cuttack, and thus, radio, records, and films became integral parts of the consumption and dissemination of music. Download a2z Odia songs and witness the evolution in Odissi music. The urban culture in Odisha was a great platform for experimentation, and the new movie songs are just examples of the same. A2z Odia movie songs are available on the Internet, just download them and set your mood to the dancing tune.



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