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Alka Yagnik (born 20 March 1966 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India) is a noted playback singer in Hindi cinema with a career spanning three decades. She is a record... Read More

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Get enchanted by the silvery voice of Alka Yagnik Songs Playlist

Alka Yagnik has a successful career spanning over four decades. She has been awarded not one but two National awards for her playback singing. She is one of the prolific female Bollywood and regional singers who have sung a maximum number of female solos in her Bollywood career. With so much to cherish about the queen of melodies, Alka Yagnik, Saregama brings our exclusive playlist of Alka Yagnik songs to you. You will find all the songs from Hindi to regional languages such as Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and many more and genres like bhajans and folk, voiced by Alka Yagnik. Let us explore the harmonious world of Alka Yagnik with the Alka Yagnik songs list.


We start our list with a devotional song in the voice of Alka Yagnik. ‘Aaj Bhakti Kare Pukar’ is a bhajan from the album ‘Maa Kali Pava Wali’. This song is devoted to mother Goddess Durga, and it will fill you with energy. We added the song on top of our Alka Yagnik song list so that you start your day fresh and feel the divinity. Make sure to add this when you download Alka Yagnik songs.


Moving on, Saregama, in an effort to make this playlist inclusive, has many Gujarati tracks by Alka Yagnik that features in our list of Alka Yagnik mp3 songs. Born to a Gujarati family, Alka Yagnik has given her voice to many Gujarati movie albums. The movie 'Preet Na Karsho Koi' has songs by Alka Yagnik that we have in our Alka Yagnik song list. The title track 'Preet Na Karsho Koi Song', 'Raati Pado Ghar Java De Song' and 'Jodiya Pavavala Song' with Praful Dave, 'Aaj Mukhe Thi Kain Kehavey' and 'Aaj Sahiyar Mare' are her singles. ‘Duniya Duli Gayi’ with Mohd. Aziz. Make sure to add these to your Alka Yagnik songs list. There are many other Gujarati tracks sung by Alka Yagnik. We are listing a few of the many that we added to our list for you to download Alka Yagnik songs. 'O Chhel Nakhrala', 'Odhi Re Odhi Odhi Re Song' and 'Rang Bhari Lavi Aa Raat Radhiyali' from the movie Sorathno Savaj. 'He Sonal', 'Lither Lihasha Pina', 'Pili Chundaldi Odhi Re' and 'Saam Same Chhe be Dilwala' from the movie 'Vat Vachan Ne Ver'. 'Haal Ne Ali', 'Kan Seri Ramo', Kanudo Kalo Kalo', 'Mehuliya', 'Morala Ni Boli' and 'Pinjroo Mange' from the movie 'Dharti Na Ami(Guj)'. 'Avo Avo Chhana Mara' from the movie 'Maya Bazar'. Bhagwane to Bhagwan Samo' from the movie 'Maa Vina Soona Sansaar'. Visit Saregama, listen and download Alka Yagnik songs in Gujarati from our Saregama playlist of Alka Yagnik songs.


Alka Yagnik spent her childhood in Bengal, and thus she has complete command over the language; she has sung many Bengali songs that are massive hits in its interested listeners. We have included many Bengali tracks in our Alka Yagnik songs list. Make sure you go through these songs and add them to your Alka Yagnik mp3 songs list. 'Antaratama' is a Bengali movie from the year 2008. The album of this movie has many songs by Alka Yagnik. The songs are very melodic, and Alka Yagnik's voice will make you fall in love with the Bengali songs. The songs are- 'Ami Tomake Chai', 'Bhenge Gelo Swapna' in two versions, 'Satyi Kare Baloto Dekhi' and 'Sab Katha Ki Mukhe Bala Jay'. Download the album of 'Antaratama' and add it to your Alka Yagnik songs list to enjoy Bengali music in the soft and melodious voice of Alka Yagnik. Other Bengali albums featuring songs by Alka Yagnik are A 2009 movie titled 'Maa Amar Maa' that has 'Mon Jane Na' Alka Yagnik and Shaan, 'Moner Katha-Duet' and 'Bhalobasha' by Alka Yagnik and Javed Ali. Add these when you download Alka Yagnik songs for your Alka Yagnik songs list. Songs from the movie 'Miss Maitreyee'; 'Khelbo Ebar Romance Romance', 'Chiki Chiki Chuku Chuku', 'Heerer Jhilik Chokhete Jar', 'Keu Dosh Dharo Na' and many more. All these Bengali songs in the voice of Alka Yagnik are a pure treat, do add them to your Alka Yagnik songs list.

Another Bengali album featuring Alka Yagnik is titled 'Aainaate'. The songs from this album that you should add when you download Alka Yagnik songs are- 'Jani E Lagan', 'Swapno Rangano', Roz Shata Shata Mukh' and many others. Add these to your list of Alka Yagnik Mp3 songs and enjoy the sweetness of Bengali in the voice of Alka Yagnik.


Not only Gujarati and Bengali, but Alka Yagnik gave voice to Punjabi songs too. Her silvery voice and the beats of Punjabi music are a perfect combination. Add her Punjabi songs to your Alka Yagnik songs list, and enjoy with us. We have listed a few Punjabi Alka Yagnik songs. The Punjabi movie 'Qurbani Jatt Di' has many Alka Yagnik songs that you can add to your Alka Yagnik songs list. The songs are 'Badla Le Layi Vearaya', 'Chala le Ja Soniye Ni', 'Gai Wich Pala Pake', 'Je Mundiya Ve Tera Vyah Ni Honda', the title track 'Qurbani Jatt Di', 'Tere Mukhde Te Kala Til', 'Tu Te Tur Gayo Vichore Pake', 'Tur Hion Vichora Pake', 'Yaar Tera Ghut Bharlan' and many such songs. The songs are romantic dance numbers and quirky. All of this you can add to your Alka Yagnik Songs list.


Alka Yagnik is a wonderful singer who gave her voice to songs from many languages; she can easily be crowned as the queen of playback singing since she has given forty years of her life to singing. Such dedication is pretty much visible from her songs. Every single track that we added to our Alka Yagnik songs list is curated for you to experience the charm in her voice. Visit Saregama and download Alka Yagnik songs to make your playlist of Alka Yagnik songs. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do.

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