Ever since the dawn of time, there has always been a special place for rhythmic sounds to exist in society, among different cultures. Can you imagine a place where there is no music? Everything just quiet and well… that got depressing real quick. Everyone loves music, irrespective of the language or the tune. Yes, some genre of music is more preferred than others but apart from the subjective preference of music, the bottom line still reads; Loved by all.

Have you ever heard a tune or a song and found yourself tapping your feet or bobbing your head, lightly murmuring the lyrics, or even belting it out with your chest? Have you ever heard a song in another language and found yourself tearing up even though you don’t know what the song means? Ever found yourself reaching your earphones or your headphones throughout the day just because you need a quick break or a getaway?

Yes, that is the universal power of music, it affects us in ways we can’t completely comprehend and we cannot live our lives normally without it. And maybe we would never be able to fully understand why we love certain music but something we all do understand is that music heals and soothes you. It makes you feel refreshed or it makes you feel those gushy emotions straight in your heart. No matter the situation; happy, sad, loud, soft, booming rhapsodies, or murmuring melodies, they all play a vital role in everyday life


Why Music Is So Essential? 

Anything with a cadence feels nice to listen to, you can just put a bunch of random noises together and call it a tune, essentially, a tune is a rhythmic succession of well-suited melodies, put together to make one glorious song. Sometimes you don’t even need lyrics to feel it, just to give a vague idea of how important and powerful music alone is, go listen to a sad piano tune or even an orchestra. How many of you can sound the tune of Harry Potter without any help? See, that’s what it is. We are constantly surrounded by it to the point that we don’t even notice it out of the ordinary anymore.

Ever stood in a crowd of people, thousands and thousands of people singing the same tune, and found yourself feeling something tugging in your chest? That’s what music does; it brings people together. It is nothing but another mere form of communication we use, just not bound to humans. You find it easier to talk to people who have the same genre preference as you, because the kind of music we listen to, tells a lot about our personalities and the way our brain works. That is why you see these big concerts, so many people; essentially strangers just meeting and dancing and singing together, having the time of their lives. It frees you; music. It is an escape, and humans love to escape, don’t we?

Music is a language on its own, with an intense connection, emotions, and a feeling. It can make you feel like you are on top of the world, it can also sink your heart in the next second because you need it. Humans need art to survive. We need it to get away from our lives, to take a break, to talk to people, to understand and express ourselves and the people around us. Even a newborn baby stops crying when they hear you softly sing to them. 


Here are Some Benefits of Music 

Let’s keep this short, eh?  

  • It boosts creativity 
  • Shifts your focus in the right direction. That is why you often find yourself reaching for suitable music while working out or trying to be productive. 
  • Helps you to express your emotions and your feelings.  
  • Helps you to connect with and understand people better around you. 
  • Gives you an escape from your regular world 
  • It soothes, also heals, and is an on-point activity to pass time. 
  • It makes everything a little more beautiful. Do you think the movie Titanic would have been just as grand without its tunes and melodies and its songs? I think not. 

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Quarantine and Music 

When the pandemic hit, we found ourselves confined within our own houses with no escape. People were scared, they were confused. Our work schedules changed, office hours increased so did stress, tension, anxieties, and depression. But one thing that everyone can agree with was that music helped. Whether it was the first thing you listened to start your day or as a background motivator and mood setter to meditate or work out.

From just enjoying listening to your favorite songs to escape the uncertainty and stressful lives we are leading to letting music be a balm to the wounds on your beating heart. Music surrounded us, and it was needed more than ever. Having mini dances to your favorite artists and tunes to lying in bed late in the night listening to what you couldn’t express with your words. Is there any way music isn’t needed in our lives? 


What People Think about Music and Why It Is Important To Them 

We asked people to tell us what music meant to them and why is it so important. Here are some of the responses we got; 

Music helps me stay in the right state of mind.Shreyas Patil 

Music is my happy place. It is like a best friend without conditions.Disha Raj 

I like it because it brings all these different emotions in me. It is like a cleansing.  – Kartik Suman 

It is a way for me to express myself, especially for people who find it difficult to express themselves with words. We express and live through music.    – Aditi Rani Roy 

The right questions would be, how it does not. The myriad of emotions that one goes through while listening to these songs unfolds a different story for every individual. For me personally, it has been a constant ally for as far as I can remember. It is my escape from the noise of the regular world, my very personal safe haven. The beats, the music, the lyrics of my songs aren’t just a source of entertainment, as they are commonly described to be, but resonate very personally with me.   – Shivangi Sharma 

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