Music always finds a way to bring people together. Whether, you’re dancing to the beats in a club or having a housewarming party with your friend playing the acoustic guitar while you and your other friend jam, music has proven to unlock great memories.

Jamming sessions have always been a hit, no matter what the occasion is. That is why karaokes never go out of fashion. Whether it’s a birthday, new year’s eve or even a regular house party, karaoke has turned out to be the most reliable fun get-together activity.

Although regular karaoke nights are fun, you can always jazz it up by playing fun and cool karaoke games. Let’s have a look at some of the Karaoke games that you can try on your next karaoke night!


Put the titles of your preferred karaoke songs on small slips of paper and place them in one bowl. Add the names of well-known singers to a separate bowl. Each person participating in karaoke should take one paper from each of the two bowls and sing the song in the singer’s style. Imagine, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam singing Lag Ja Gale.

Mind the Lyrics

Write down samples of lyrics from your favourite karaoke songs. Make sure everyone can recognise the tunes you choose. Depending on the degree of difficulty you want, omit one or more words. Draw a piece of paper from the bowl for each participant after mixing these papers together in a small dish. It’s their turn to sing their heart out if they are successful in guessing the correct missing words! If the participant is unable to think of the missing words they will have to perform a dare like singing the entire song on one leg

Guess the singer

Jot down the names of well-known singers and a list of their most well-known albums or songs on individual pieces of paper. Form small teams (with one referee). The referee selects a piece of paper from the bowl and then tells the first team what song it is (starting with the least well-known and working on up to the biggest hit). Each team has a chance to try and identify the artist’s name. Before the round is passed to the following team and the referee offers a second musical clue, teams only have one chance to guess correctly. The team that correctly identifies the artist first gets to perform one of the songs.

Musical Chairs Lyrics

It is going to be a basic musical chair set-up. Print out several songs but make sure that certain lines of lyrics are missing. Participants surround the chair, just as it is done in a regular musical chair game, make sure the song lyrics are not shown to the other participants as the player performs the song from the printout!

As the player reaches the point where there is a missing lyric, everyone else will have to find a chair to sit on. The last person standing will only be allowed to rejoin the game if they correctly identify the missing lyric and perform the whole song. They will be eliminated from the game if they are unable to identify the lyrics, and a chair will be removed.

Write your own lyrics

Give your guests an opportunity to demonstrate their own songwriting abilities in this enjoyable karaoke game. Divide the participants into smaller groups of two or three, and give each group a hat to pull a song title from. They then get 20 to 30 minutes to rewrite the song’s lyrics before singing it karaoke-style.
Unleash your imagination feel free to turn the music into a parody, a remix, or anything else. All you have to keep in mind is to make sure the karaoke is set to play all the songs that are in the hat. For example, you get Mere khabon mein jo aaye by Lata Mangeshkar so you’ll have to tweak the lyrics and write a parody over it.

Guess the Singer

Divide the participants into two teams. Both teams must make an attempt to identify the singer of the song. For each musician, compile a list of ten tracks. Start with the first artist and list each of their songs, beginning with the least well-known. Each team writes down their guesses on a board, and the first team to write down the correct artist gains as many points as the number of songs left on the list. For example, there are 10 songs on the list with Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna being third on the list, and Team A guesses Kishore Kumar after the song is played so they get 7 points.
Both teams receive points if they provide the proper response to the same song clue.

Songs that you can sing at a Karoke Party:

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