Navratri season is here once again to fill our days with religious festivities, beautiful idols in their pandals, twinkling lights of the decorated cities, and the hustle-bustle of the late-night outings. In the culture-rich country of India, every festival is celebrated with excitement and joy. Navratri, or else known as Durga Puja, is the annual festival of the Hindu Goddess Durga.

The festival stretches for nine days, with each day representing one form of the Goddess. Each day is dedicated to worshipping the various nine forms of Goddess Durga and the tenth day marks the “Visharjan”, where the idols are sent off into the water, according to the traditional rituals.   

During Navratri, it is also tradition to play Garba in a lot of the cities. Where people dress up in their best ethnic attires, get their dandiya sticks, and go out in the night to dance and play Garba, to celebrate the festival of Navratri. The streets are filled with the tunes of religious as well as Garba songs, with people strolling through the streets day in and night out.   

But, every great Garba night requires a great Garba song playlist, right? And the perfect Garba music playlist is a well-blended mixture of traditional Gujrati and devotional songs all dedicated to the Goddess Durga herself. So here is a list of Garba songs that you can listen to make your Garba night memorable and enjoyable.   

  • Mataji Ni Aarti (Garbe Ghumjo Raaj)The perfect Garba night starter pack of songs with this devotional bhajan. Start your Garba night with a tribute to the Goddess herself with this bhajan before you kickstart your dandiya fest.   
  • Lagyo Chundiye Rang Lagyo (Amar Singh Rathod) Add these traditional Gujrati Garba Music into your Garba playlist this year. The traditional, and simple beats of this Garba song make up for a perfectly paced dandiya number.  
  • Mune Ekli Meline (Halaman Jethwo) The old Garba tune to tap your feet along. Mune Ekli Meline has a well-balanced two-beat tune for you to dance to. Not too fast, and not too slow, you can add this song to your Garba playlist to build up the dandiya vibes of the night, as the night is just getting started.   
  • Aavi Aavi Nortani Raat (Popular Raas Garba) Another classic Gujrati song specially made to play Garba to. Aavi Aavi Nortani Raat is a popular Raas Garba song and a classic choice at that.  
  • Non-Stop Garba Mix (By DJ Rink)Try this special Garba mix made by none other than DJ Rink to live up your Garba night. The perfect blend of Garba tunes, traditional beats, classical melodies, and spice of Bollywood touch, this mix is a sure addition to your Garba playlist.  
  • O Sherowali (Shakti De Maa) Is another classic Garba song. Without Jai Maa Asth Bhawaani O Sherowali your Garba night will be incomplete. There is something different about this religious song. The devotional lyrics as well as the traditional beats pump that divine energy into your veins as you dance to its tunes.  
  • Sun Ri Yashoda Maiya (Jyoti) Is on the same tunes of O Sheronwali and yet another devotional song that compels you to tap your feet along with its two-toned dholki tunes. Simple lyrics, simpler beats, and yet this song never fails to drag people on the Garba dance floor.  
  • Dholida Dhol Re Vagad (Garba Ghumjo Raaj) Dholida Dhol Re Vagad is a must-have Garba song in every Garba playlist. No matter where you go to play Garba this is one song everyone is aware of and everyone dances to.  
  • Sachi Re Mari Satre Bhavani Maa (Bhathiji Maharaj)Get ready to move along the fast-paced tunes of this devotional Gujrati number. The song is dedicated to the Goddess herself; the quick tunes will make your feet move faster and faster with its building crescendo.  
  • Jai Bolo Kanhaiya Lal Ki (Bolo He Chakradhari)Is another widely played Garba song you’ll come across all Garba events. Add this must-have song to your Garba night and dazzle away. 

Make a lively Garba night with these famous, and well-loved Garba Music to dance to, dedicate your devotion to the divinity in popular style this Navratri season.

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