Although music has been a constant in our lives through thick and thin decades after decades, the modes of accessing it have changed rather drastically. What did you think, that the iconic white pods were always the means of listening to music? The journey of musical devices started with Phonogram and went onto the radio then eventually the tape made music mobile furthermore it got evolved into a walkman then a CD then came MP3 and now music has become easily accessible through tons of streaming apps. But whatever may be the mode of listening, the love and need for music have only increased over the period of time.

Music is like an escape, from the world! People plug in their earphones whenever they feel like cutting themselves out from society. But the modern ways of streaming music allow you to access music through smartphones, tablets etc which have tons of other things on them that happen to distract us from music. That is why feature phones are a unique option for listening to music. Feature phones although may seem outdated, in reality, they never go out of fashion! In the world of smartphones, many people are still opting for feature phones for more than one reason. And let’s face it, we, the Millenials and a few Gen Zs have a lot of memories attached to feature phones. That snake game, the FM radio etc used to be so much fun. Apart from that Saregama Carvaan Feature Phones have many more advantages.

Following are the Advantages of Feature Phone

  • First of all, they are easy on pockets. As compared to smartphones, the prices of feature phones are much more affordable and honestly feature phones serve the cellular purpose well.


  • They have good battery life. Imagine using your phones for days without having to charge them every few hours.


  • They are low maintenance as compared to a smartphone. We are all well aware that smartphones need multiple updates every few weeks and in addition to that if our phone catches some bug or if we accidentally drop them somewhere then the service would cost us a fortune. But luckily, feature phones do not break that easily and even if they need some sort of service, it’s usually cheaper than servicing a smartphone.


  • Easy to carry while going for walks. You surely must have faced the problem of carrying your huge heavy smartphones while going for a walk or jogging. It’s super inconvenient, right? Additionally, it also happens to be a huge distraction, thanks to tons of unnecessary notifications. Well, feature phones make it a whole lot easier. You can easily carry it while running and feel no burden whatsoever. Plus you won’t get distracted by that unwanted mail from some brand that you have no idea about. So now you can easily plug in your earphones and listen to your playlist without interruption.


  • Has FM. Remember the days when we used to eagerly wait for a certain radio channel to air our favourite songs? When guests were invited and radio jockey’s used to interview them. Although music is extremely accessible, thanks to tons of music streaming apps, but, listening to those very songs on FM surely does hit differently. Thanks to feature phones and their inbuilt FM we can relive the radio era.


  • Lesser distraction means less screen time. As we mentioned earlier, smartphones tend to be more distractive than feature phones. So if your main purpose of buying a phone is cellular service along with music then feature phones should be your go-to. Smartphones tend to track your active screen time and thus you’ll receive tons of notifications even if you’re listening to music. Although feature phones are much more non-interruptive as they do not have a lot of apps that would send you unnecessary and unwanted notifications. Lesser notifications and lesser apps mean lesser screen time, so owning a feature phone is a win-win.


  • More listening time. Imagine going for a long drive and you’ve planned to plug in your earphones and listen to music for the entire ride. It’s been an hour since you hit the road and now you realized that your phone is about to die and you forgot to carry your USB cable or portable. That is why feature phones happen to be the most convenient device, because of their long battery life you don’t have to worry about a music-less journey. In short, with a feature phone, you’ll have access to more listening time as compared to a smartphone.


  • Easy access to music without distractions. Although there are tons of music streaming apps taking rounds in the market, they all provide the best quality of ad-free music only if you have a subscription to a greater plan. These subscriptions range from moderate to a little expensive. However, the feature phone launched by Saregama is the first-ever feature phone filled with 1500 retro songs. These songs are categorised by different artists. Plus if you feel like these 1500 songs aren’t enough then you can download music from You can now download original music for just ₹4 and download HD-quality songs for ₹15. The best part is that these songs are 100% original and you can download them in the best quality available. And here’s the best part, many other music providers in the market ask you to get a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription in order to download songs, but Saregama allows you to download individual songs as per your liking. That means you would just have to pay for songs that you actually want to listen to.