This 2021, With October, comes the anticipation of the arrival of Goddess Durga. The ostentatious pandals, the beautiful, life-like Goddess idols, the divinity ridden aartis, the glittering streets under thousands of fairy lights, candles, and diyas, the street food stalls, the roadside vendors, and the hubbub of excitement with people mingling and strolling through the city till early mornings. Yes, Durga Puja is here.  

A nationwide annual festival that brings the religious traditions and the culture-rich customs of our country to light. The festival is a long nine days laden with religious festivities. Each day represents the nine forms of the Hindu Goddess Durga and each day is dedicated to worshipping each form. On the tenth day, the Goddess is submerged into the water, called the “Dussehra” which marks the end of the nine days festival.  

The preparations for the festivals start weeks and months in advance. Goddess idols of every size from small ones to even 80-feet tall Goddess idols are made for the festival. Originally a festival closely associated with the Bengalis of Kolkata, Durga Puja holds special significance fr the city of Kolkata. Bongs for hyper in the month of Durga Puja. From the multiple outfits for each day to the various cuisines they eat, from the stalls and the strolls into the nights, the city lit up like a glittering star and with both religious and dance music filling your ears, Durga Puja is a sight to behold.  

The origins of this magnificent festival date back to the late 1500s of Bengal. It is said to have been started by the Bengali zamindars and landlords of Bengal where they would try to outshine each other by celebrating the festival of Goddess Durga better than each other.  

Starting with the first day, which is the “Kalash Sthapana” to the last day “Navami”, the various traditions of the Bongs and the Hindus come to light. People dance in religious ecstasy and enjoy their hearts to the fullest. The shopping is endless, the food is delicious, the pandals are ginormous, and the vibes are pure and divine. People of various communities, different and alike come together to celebrate this beautiful festival. And if there is something that binds us all together then that is music.  

So here is a list of Durga Puja songs that will fill your heart and your festival with even more sparkle.  

  • Aigiri Nandini (Mahishasura Mardini) 
  • Durga Amritwani (Amritwani) 
  • Aaj Baaje (Durga Puja Special) 
  • Durge Durge Durgatinashini (Bao Katha Kao – Asha, R.D Burman) 
  • Elo Maa Dugga (Elo Maa Dugga) 
  • Elo Je Maa (Challenge 2) 
  • Ya Devi Sarbabhutesu (Matri Stotra) 
  • O Maa Danujdalani Mahashakti (Durga Special) 
  • Tabo Achintya Rupa (Charita, Mahima) 
  • Dhak Baja Kasor Baja (Dhak Baja Kasor Baja) 
  • Bhubanomohini Bondi Tomare (Durga Bandana) 
  • O Ma Dashabhujalaho Mor Puja (Durga Bandana) 
  • Jago Ma (Jago Ma) 
  • Rupang Dehi  
  • Namo Namo Durge Sukh 
  • Jasne Maa Phire Jasne Janani 
  • Joy Jagajjanani (Matri Bandana) 
  • Durga Stotram (Durga Parivaar) 
  • Namo Chandini Namo Chandini (Mahishasura Mardini) 
  • Durga Aarti (Sampurna Durga Saptasati) 
  • Joy Maa Bhawani (Bal Re Jaba Bal) 
  • Joy Joy Durga Maa (Joy Joy Durga Maa) 
  • O Sheronwali 
  • Chalo Bulawa Aaya Hai (Bhakti Sagar) 

On the occasion of Durga Puja, Saregama wishes you all a great Durga Puja and brings to you some devotional Durga Puja music.  

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