Childhood certainly is the most beautiful phase of a person’s life. And not only because of the carefree and “no responsibilities” zone but also because it’s the age of development. It’s true that there is no specific age to learn or unlearn something, but childhood is the phase that conditions the base of your personality, your thinking pattern, and your cognition. Sometimes as children, we tend to develop certain habits that stay with us for the longest time, whether we like it or not. But most importantly we describe our childhood solely on the basis of the kind of memories that we made. So that is why the memories made in childhood are super precious. 

As children’s day is coming up, let’s have a look at some ideas that would add on and enhance those precious memories of your children. 

Kids these days are unaware of the legendary songs that were created in the 60s and 70s. Grab this opportunity and create a list of musical games that would acquaint the children with the evergreen Bollywood songs. 


Musical games that you can organize on children’s day

Freeze and Dance

This game is fun but it also is good to enhance reflexes amongst kids. So gather the kids around in an open area (make sure there is enough space so that they don’t end up hitting each other while dancing). The rules of this game are simple, everyone will have to start grooving (in case the kids are too young so they’ll start jumping) as the music starts. Play songs like Eena Meena Deeka or Ichak Dana Beechak Dana. They will have to continue to do so until the music stops. The moment the music stops everyone would have to freeze. Now whoever is caught moving even slightly would get out, as the other kids would continue with the following rounds. The last two kids left would be announced as winners. 


Pass the parcel

We know you already know how to play pass the parcel. But this one comes with a slight alteration. So to begin with, it’s the usual setup. Get the kids to form a circle and give one of them a parcel (pillow, soft toy etc). Next, as the music starts the kid with the parcel will start passing it along. Here you can play songs like Mere Paas Aao Mere Doston or Chakke Mein Chakka Chakke Pe Gaadi. When the music stops, the kid with the parcel will have to complete the lines of the song or rhyme (Depending on their age). If they are able to continue the song from where it was left they would be allowed to resume the game otherwise they can only resume the game when they successfully learn the lyrics and recite them.


Draw the song

Tap into the creativity of children with this fun musical game. It’s just like Pictionary, but musical. Divide the children into two teams A and B and prepare chits with various rhymes and songs on them. One player from team A will pick a chit and will try to draw different things that would help their team to guess what the song is. Set a timer, and if the team is able to guess the song before the time runs out, they score a point otherwise the same song passes on to the next team. The first team to reach 5 points would be announced as the winner. This game helps children to be more imaginative and also enhances their drawing skills. To make this game more interesting and challenging add rounds wherein the kid will have to draw with a blindfold on. Or the team that is unable to guess the song will have to sing the entire song on a karaoke etc. 


Make your own lyrics

This game might be challenging, so you can play this game with children who are in their teens. For this game, you’ll have to prepare cards with lyrics on them. But here certain parts of the lyrics will be missing. The participants will have to complete the song using their creativity and won’t be allowed to use the original wordings of the song or the words that would signify the original ideation of the song. For example, if the lyrics on the card reads Lakdi Ki Kathi and then there are missing words then the kid will have to come up with some unique and creative words to complete the lyrics. The most creative ones are named winners. 

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Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids:

Entertainment and Learning (Age: 2 – 10)

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The educational and entertainment demands of your child are now fully met by Carvaan Mini Kids. There are four distinct modes included: rhymes, stories, learning, and mantras. This makes it simpler to choose items based on your child’s mood and needs.