Marathi is a language that originated from the state of Maharashtra. The contributions of Maharashtra towards music, cinema and cultural heritage of the country is immense. There are a lot of well-known folk forms from this region like Koli Geet, Lavani and Sugam Geet.

Maharashtra is a state that gave India, some of the biggest artists of all time. The Marathi Film Industry is known as the oldest and one of the pioneer film industries in India. The film industry is very small when compared to the Hindi Film Industry but is growing with time. The cultural diversity in Maharashtra is the most when compared to other states. People from all over India have settled here and accepted the traditions as their own. The acceptance is such that every other person in the state can either speak or understand Marathi.

Dadasaheb Phalke is known as the father or founder of Indian cinema. He made India’s first film by the name Raja Harishchandra in 1913 which is considered as a Marathi cinema as it used Marathi dialogues and was shot with an all Marathi crew. Marathi Cinema also had a golden era with the emergence of some exceptional artists like V.Shantaram, Master Vinayak, Acharya Atre, Raja Paranjpe, Sudhir Phadke and Raja Thakur. The advent of Dada Kondke gave Marathi Cinema even more popularity.

But along with the cinema, people in Maharashtra also recollect all the hit Marathi music made during the golden era. Some famous old songs like Sang Kadhi Kalnar Tula from the movie Aparadh, Sanj Ye Gokuli from Vazir, Dhund Madhumati from Keechak Vadh, Ye Na Shaalu from Deed Shahane are heard and enjoyed by people even today.

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