Songs have always formed a predominant element of any movie industry in India. Take any hit Bollywood movie in history and you realize that music sometimes acts as the heartthrob of the entire storyline. Such is the influence of music! Music gives a distinct feel to the whole cinematic experience. Therefore, all the film music cut across the regions in the country developed their own music style in the past. During the same period, no other regional movie industry revolutionized and found its rich music identity as much as the Malayalam film industry.


The two branches of music that encompassed Kerala were traditional/classical music which focused on Carnatic style and the popular music which included film songs. The popular music almost grew in stature in parallel with classical music. In the early years of film music, most songs were produced in tune of the Hindi and Tamil tracks. But then, the trend changed in the 1950s and finally, the Malayalam music industry found its identity. The old Malayalam songs are a testimony to it.


This musical reformation was led by the trio of music legends, G. Devarajan fondly remembered as Devarajan Master became one of the greatest music composers and gave many evergreen classics in Malayalam such as Sumangali Nee Ormikkimo, Sanyasini Nin and many more. V Dhakshinamoorthy, a veteran Carnatic musician and composer, also called Swamy, also revered as the forefather of Malayalam music industry. He composed over 800 songs which include hits like Chandrikayil Aliyunnu, Manohari Ni, etc. Another star composer of the era was M.S Baburam, who is credited for the renaissance of Malayalam music. These legends gave people essential music moments to cherish and love forever.


By the year 1961, K.J Yesudas, maestro P. Jayachandran and sensational female voice S. Janaki, had emerged as the most famous playback singers. They offered great hits like Kadalinakkare, Nadhikalil Sundari, Ramsanil Chandrikayo that were hugely admired by the music lovers and communities across India. They have surely left an indelible mark on people hearts and the music history itself. The years between 1960’s to 1970’s could be called the golden era for Malayalam music.


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