Ever wanted a companion to motivate you during workouts, entertain you while you travel and be there when you need it the most? Want to say goodbye to boring tiring commutes? We got your back as the all-new Saregama Carvaan GO is here. Use it during yoga, long walks, in flights, during office commutes or while chilling out on a beach and never let your phone’s battery die again.


This light weight portable digital audio player is all you need to get you through the day and make it livelier. Pre-loaded with 3000 retro Hindi songs, it comes with some of your favorite artistes like Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar to name a few.


What’s more? The Carvaan Go has 50 specially curated playlists to match your all day activities. Or, you can even choose from 28 artistes-based or 9 theme-based stations. You can conveniently switch from the pre-loaded songs to your favorite FM/AM radio or add your personal collection on up to 32 GB micro SD card!


We are not done yet. You can either listen using earphones or connect this device with your Bluetooth speakers and play for 7 hours on the Go. Also, not to forget the App support! Download Saregama Carvaan App from Playstore/App store and control your playlists.


So, carry along your Carvaan GO anywhere anytime. #UninterruptedListening #RetroOnTheGO #WalkDriveFly


Grab your pocket-sized pal here.