Music has been an integral part of the human experience since time immemorial. It is a universal language that touches young and old people alike. The pitch, rhythm, and beats of music fill us with exhilarating emotions. It takes us into an imaginary world of bliss. 

Every culture in the world is woven with music in one form or the other. There are various languages in which the songs are composed. In India itself, many forms of music can be found. The popular ones include Bollywood songs, Carnatic, Hindustani, Punjabi, etc. All of them soothe our minds and benefit our health. 

The power of the music and its magical elements are yet to be explored completely. But, the potential of music is well known by the world today. The research and studies done by scientists in the past decade or so say that songs are one of the key components to keep yourself healthy. 


Tune into Happiness 

It is an established fact by the neuroscientist and confirmed by other experts that listening to a favorite song releases a chemical called dopamine. Now, dopamine is a feel-good neurotransmitter in the brain. They are called happiness hormones. These hormones are involved in motivation, reward and pleasure. It is released in a large amount during a listening experience. 


Whenever you want to feel happy, you know what to do. Switch on the Bluetooth music player of Carvaan mini and listen to your favorite Bollywood songs by legends. This will trigger your brain cells and let you tune into happiness.



Life in the 21st century moves fast. Individuals would love to relax and calm down, but everyone is pressed for time. In such situations, music is a soothing therapy to the mind and soul. It is an easy and accessible stress-buster anytime. 

The favorite songs work better than medicine. Even the doctors acknowledge this truth. Listening to music decreases the stress hormone. It reduces the intensity of pain. Doctors now recommend patients to listen to music before and after surgery. The researchers also believe that the people who play musical instruments have better immunity. And the medical field is continuously trying to understand music for healing purpose and other treatments. 


Therefore, always keep Carvaan Mini with you. It is so easy to carry anywhere. 


Better Sleep

It was Berthold Auerbach, the famous poet, and author who once said, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Nowadays, the hectic and tiresome days turn into nights rather quickly. There are certain incidents or thoughts which can disturb you late in the night. It can be a business-related issue or personal dissatisfaction with something. 

To prevent sleep loss due to such reasons, listen to your favorite songs. The Bluetooth music player like Carvaan Mini with a hit collection of songs is helpful to relax and rejuvenate. Once all the distractions are gone, sleep well and stay healthy always. 


Set the Tone

Music has the power to inspire, motivate, and keep you in good spirits. The therapist suggests waking up listening to happy songs. This will set the tone for a good day. If you are traveling, play some lively songs. This will improve concentration. At the same time, it is often possible to get stuck in a traffic jam. What can rescue you in such situations? Yes, music can. 

Even at your workplace, music increases productivity and eases work pressure. If you are with your friends, the good mood sets in quickly with good music and favorite songs.

Turn on the Carvaan mini and stay positive the whole day. The songs in the Bluetooth music player can set the tone every day.


Music and Diet

A research done by Georgia Tech showed an interesting connection between songs and food. Soft lights and music help you eat fewer calories and enjoy food. Remember the candlelight dinners with light ambience and music? It is dazzling. Create those settings often at your home. Play songs on the Carvaan mini and keep your health and diet perfect.

Also, it is found that people can do better exercise by playing music. It motivates a runner to run fast and helps those who do endurance training. This is the reason it’s hard to find someone at the gym without a Bluetooth music player or audio gadget strapped to them.

The collection of 351 songs in Carvaan Mini consists of legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, and Mukesh. It is not just another Bluetooth music player. The features include FM/AM support, Bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery of up to 5 hours. Now add music to your daily routine and keep yourself healthy.