A 25th year marriage anniversary is a milestone in one’s life that calls for festivities of epic proportions, but not necessarily in size as much as in emotion.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to celebrate a loved one’s 25th anniversary:

A Walk Down the Memory Lane
The perfect 25th anniversary gift may not necessarily involve many people – you could start with just the couple and closest family members or friends.

The anniversary couple could go on a trip down memory lane by visiting their favourite places and relive those days long gone by.

Start with a drive to the place the couple first met. If it’s a restaurant, order the same thing (if either can remember) as when they first visited! A fun exercise would be to remember what the prices were back in the day and what they are now.

Thereafter, the couple can traverse to other important places of their lives; old homes they may have lived in together, the place they used to shop together, or a nice stroll along the beach to refresh their love for one another.

A Bollywood Affair
A well-thought out 25th-anniversary gift that is not necessarily a thing, but a presentation or dance is one that always trumps other gifts!

Recruit friends and family members from both sides to play different roles and showcase the love story and life story of the two individuals you are celebrating. All this using Bollywood songs selected specifically to fit their story aptly.

Make sure you cover their first meeting, troubles, and include phrases and aspects of each person’s personality into the skit and by dancing along to the music!

A Regal Dinner at Home
This is pretty easy to do. Gather the closest family members and friends and turn your home into an elegant restaurant, complete with exquisite cutlery, candle lit ambience and music of their era. Serve dinner to the couple in courses, just as you would at a restaurant, and facilitate a dance area so the couple can rekindle their romantic spark, 25 years later.

A Retro themed party
Throw a smashing retro themed party with all the shenanigans – décor, dressing, music. Retro music can be played on the Saregama Carvaan with its impressive collection of 5000 evergreen songs from legends like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd. Rafi and R.D. Burman.

So go out there and shake a leg!