Onam is one of the most awaited festivals for the people of Kerala irrespective of caste or religion. The Malayali diaspora all around the world and in India itself, celebrate the colorful festival with enthusiasm and excitement. It is that time of the year when old, young and children come together and make the festival a cheerful and happy occasion.

Preparation for the grand festival starts early on Atham Nakshatram which occurs 10 days before the most auspicious day of Thiruonam. It is believed that King Maveli or Mahabali, the most respected and historical king, comes to visit his people on this day. The story goes that under his reign, the people of Kerala was most prosperous, peaceful and everybody was happy and content. Therefore, people go out for shopping, buy new clothes, and get ready to welcome him in their homes.

There are many amazing activities and programs that are conducted as part of the beautiful festival. An Onam day usually begins by preparing the Pookalam. The children and women especially prepare magnificent floral designs on the ground with different types and colours of flowers. It is followed by a visit to the temple to seek blessings. Reaching back home, old Malayalam songs, which are an essential part of the Onam festival, are played and enjoyed together. The famous Onam songs include ‘Onam Vanne’, ‘Maaveli Vaanoru’, ‘Etho smrithiyil’, ‘Thiruvona Pularithan’. ‘Poo Venam Pooppada Venam Povili Venam’ sung by the famous singer, K. J. Yesudas, is one of the most memorable songs of the 1980’s. These songs are an integral part of every Malayali celebrating the festival.

Special occasions and festivals in Kerala always accompany great food. The highlight of every Onam festival is also a sumptuous feast, popularly known as Onam Sadhya. The authentic vegetarian Kerala dishes served on the plantain leaves and enjoyed together with the loved ones, make the day fascinating indeed.

The day is not limited to delicacies alone. Several competitions like Snake boat race are held across the state of Kerala. One like the Aranmula Vallamkali is popular among the masses and people throng in large numbers to catch the thrilling competition.

Back at home, women adorn themselves with traditional Kasavu sarees and indulge in various interesting activities like Oonjalattam (swinging game). Various folk dances like Kaikottikkali, Thiruvathirkalli, and Thumbithullal are performed on Malayalam Mp3 songs. Onappatukkal (special Onam songs) are sung as well.

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