We’ve all been there. You’re singing out loud the latest Bollywood hit in the car, phone clutched like a microphone, feeling like a total rockstar. But then reality sets in – can you actually sing those songs? The answer, thanks to Padhanisa, is a resounding yes!  Those intricate melodies and unfamiliar scales can be intimidating. The fear of hitting the wrong note or the unfamiliar territory of Indian classical music holds us back. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Padhanisa is your personalised gateway to learning Hindi songs and is here to turn your desire to sing into reality. This app analyses your voice, recommends perfect Hindi songs, and teaches them step-by-step. You can master the melody, rhythm, and even those tricky Harkat, Murki etc. It lets you learn at your own pace, with expert guidance available.

Discover Your Vocal Potential

Padhanisa understands that every voice is unique. Before you get on your singing journey, the app conducts a vocal range test. This analysis helps Padhanisa identify your natural strengths and areas for development.  Based on this assessment, the app recommends a personalised selection of Hindi songs that are perfectly suited to your vocal range. No more struggling with songs that are too high or low for your voice – Padhanisa sets you up for success from the very beginning.

Master the Fundamentals

Master the Fundamentals with padhanisa app

Strong singing rests on a solid foundation of musical knowledge. Padhanisa goes beyond just teaching you songs; it equips you with the essential skills needed to become a confident vocalist. The app provides in-depth lessons on crucial aspects of Indian classical music, including:

Sur (Melody): Learn to accurately reproduce the musical notes (swaras) that form the backbone of any Hindi song. 

Taal (Rhythm): Develop a strong sense of rhythm by understanding different time signatures and practising rhythmic exercises.

Mukhdas (Opening Stanzas):  Master the introductory verses of a song, setting the stage for the entire composition.

Antaras (Verses): Delve into the emotional core of the song by understanding and delivering the verses with proper expression.

Line by Line Melody: Break down the melody of each song line by line, ensuring you grasp every nuance and transition.

Full Song Performance:  Finally, put it all together by confidently singing the entire song from start to finish.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Life can be busy, and fitting in singing lessons can feel like a challenge. With Padhanisa, the power is in your hands. The app offers complete flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. There are no rigid schedules or deadlines – you choose when you want to start and end your practice sessions. Whether you have a few minutes each day or dedicate longer stretches on weekends, Padhanisa adapts to your learning rhythm.  

A Personalised Learning Journey

The best learning caters to individual needs. Padhanisa leverages AI technology to personalise your learning experience based on your progress. The app analyses your performance after each session, identifying areas where you excel and those requiring more work. It then customises the next session to strengthen your weaknesses and further refine your strengths. This ensures that you’re constantly learning and improving, maximising your time and effort. 

A Step-by-Step Approach to Song Mastery

Learning a new song can sometimes feel overwhelming. Padhanisa breaks down each Hindi song into manageable components, making the process clear and achievable.  

Custom Workouts and Techniques: Based on your individual vocal assessment, the app provides you with personalised vocal exercises and practice techniques specifically tailored to improve your singing for that particular song.

Level System: Padhanisa structures your learning journey into five progressive levels. As you clear tests at each stage, you’ll witness your skills develop and unlock a list of new Hindi songs to learn.

Masterclasses by Experts:  Want to delve deeper into specific aspects of singing? Padhanisa offers access to masterclasses conducted by renowned music experts. Gain valuable insights and clarify any doubts you might have on your musical path.

Showcase Your Talent: Saregama Open Stage

Padhanisa isn’t just about learning songs; it’s about celebrating your talent and sharing your voice with the world. The app provides an easy access to Saregama’s open stage program. After mastering a song, you can record yourself singing and submit it through the app. If your performance impresses the Saregama team, you might just get a golden opportunity to sing alongside established artists or even earn a revenue share in perpetuity by getting your song uploaded on their channels. 

Learning to sing Hindi songs doesn’t have to be a solitary or intimidating experience. Padhanisa by Saregama is your personalised coach and cheerleader, guiding you every step of the way. With its innovative features, flexible learning style, and exciting talent hunt opportunity, Padhanisa empowers you to unleash your inner singer and discover the joy of expressing yourself through music. Download the Padhanisa app now and start your journey of learning Hindi songs today!