Want to sing confidently, not just in the shower? Padhanisa, from Saregama (India’s biggest and the oldest music label), is the key to unleashing your singing potential. Consider silencing the showerhead applause and captivating a live audience. Imagine yourself singing your favourite songs with friends, or even hitting the correct notes for a soulful karaoke night. Padhanisa may make your desire come true, elevating you from bathroom acoustics to centre stage.

Personalised Singing Coach in Your Pocket

Forget the one-size-fits-all singing tutorials! Padhanisa is like having your own voice coach in your pocket, continuously encouraging you towards better singing. This is how it works.

  1. Voice Assessment: Take a simple vocal check in the app. Padhanisa’s machine learning and AI engine assess your range, strengths, and areas for progress.
  2. Personalised Song Recommendations: Padhanisa creates a personalised song selection based on your vocal assessment. No more struggle with tunes that do not fit your voice. You’ll be presented with a number of options that will push you while remaining within your comfort zone, allowing you to gain confidence and expand your versatility.
  3. Padhanisa automatically changes your learning path as you proceed through classes and practice sessions. It offers new songs that correspond to your developing talents, keeping you motivated and involved throughout your musical adventure.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or an experienced singer wishing to improve your technique, Padhanisa offers a personalised learning experience that is tailored to your specific vocal demands.

Build a Strong Foundation

Padhanisa is more than just screaming out songs; it’s about developing a strong vocal foundation that allows you to sing with confidence and control. Consider it your personal voice gym, complete with a treasure trove of exercises and techniques developed by vocal gurus and the music experts at Saregama.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  1. Master the Essentials: Learn the fundamentals of great singing, including pitch, rhythm, tone, and emotion. Interactive activities teach you how to sing clearly and accurately, as well as how to precisely manipulate your notes.
  2. Warm-ups and cool-downs: Like athletes, your voice needs adequate training and maintenance. Padhanisa provides guided warm-up practices to prepare your vocal cords for singing, as well as cool-down exercises to prevent strain.
  3. Targeted Training: Whether you struggle with striking high notes or making smooth transitions, Padhanisa provides targeted exercises to help you improve. Say goodbye to vocal cracks and hello to a smooth, strong voice! 
  4. Unlock Your Unique Voice: Experts believe that every voice is unique. Padhanisa does not strive to turn you into a copycat singer; it helps you discover and refine your own vocal style.

Learn Songs Perfectly and in SUR, Every Time

Sheet music might be overwhelming, but Padhanisa simplifies the process of learning songs. It divides each song into understandable portions and provides clear audio demonstrations for each phrase. You can practise each section separately or repeat difficult areas until you master them. Padhanisa also provides rapid feedback on your pitch and rhythm, allowing you to pinpoint areas for growth and perform flawless renditions of your favourite songs.

Your Age doesn’t matter, Passion does:

When it comes to your love of singing, age is no barrier! Padhanisa is a warm and inclusive app for everyone, from teens hoping to become pop stars to elderly rediscovering their love of music. There are no pressure-packed tournaments or age limits. You may learn at your own pace, practise as much as you like, and celebrate your accomplishments at your leisure. Padhanisa celebrates the love of singing and encourages you to study and improve as a vocalist at any age.

Get Guidance from Experts:

Padhanisa establishes a firm foundation, but the learning does not end there! If you’re ready to take your singing to the next level, explore the masterclass sessions where expert musicians and famous singers talk about music and you can interact directly with during the LIVE masterclasses. You can also get connected with a vocal coach who can help you achieve your unique goals and provide personalised feedback on your technique. 

Masterclasses taught by famous music experts provide significant insights into advanced singing concepts, performance techniques, and the music industry. Padhanisa’s optional advanced training choices allow you to hone your skills, uncover your unique voice, and propel your singing career to new heights.

Try It Out Yourself:

Padhanisa is free for 14 days! We provide monthly, and annual subscriptions at just ₹99 and ₹599 respectively to suit your budget and requirements. Join the Padhanisa community and go on a musical adventure. Padhanisa will be your musical partner, whether you wish to sing in front of a crowd or just for yourself. Let’s make your singing aspirations a reality!


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