open stage


open stage


open stage
open stage
  • We will make you
    the biggest Popstar

  • Music Videos
  • Vocal training
  • Dance training
  • Fitness
  • Fashion & Styling
open stage
  • 18 - 22 yrs?
  • Proficient in Singing & Dancing?
  • Fluent in Hindi & Punjabi?
open stage
  • Video should be in Potrait mode
  • Video must capture your complete profile
  • Videos with processed vocals/auto tune will be rejected


These are Pre-recorded online video auditions that we are conducting to find our female popstar.
You can send your entries up to December 25, 2022.
Currently, we expect 3 audition stages. However, it is subject to change and the discretion lies with Saregama.
The screening dates and other details will be revealed shortly. The contestants who are shortlisted for next round will be contacted via email or call.
Yes. You can apply as many times provided the Name & Email ID are the same.
You will be shortlisted and further auditioned in person. We shall call you or email you on the further steps.
Yes. The final female Popstar will be announced.
You can join our company while continuing your education as per your current scenario.
No. The auditions will be with Saregama. Only will the final winner be announced.

If you have submitted your entry via email: you can send a fresh entry with the previous mail in the attachment

If you have submitted your entry via the website, submit a fresh entry

Yes. However, if you do become the Female Popstar you would have to relocate to India.
If you have an OCI / PIO or are a dual citizen of India you can apply.
Prior singing and dancing experience is preferred but not mandatory.
You will have to club both as one music video or you can only sing and send the video.
The video can be upto 60 seconds. The file size cannot be more than 100 MB
If you face any issues while uploading the video, kindly email us at
If the size of your file is too large, you may not be able to attach it in rare cases. If you made the file size smaller and still cannot attach it, please upload it to a photo or video sharing website by setting the settings to unlisted or private and paste the URL onto the entry form.
Please check your internet or Wi-Fi environment. If you have checked your internet environment and still cannot submit your application, try sending it from a different device.
If you have been shortlisted for the next round, we will get in touch with you on the Mobile no. / Email ID provided. Ensure that the two are active and being used by you.

The shortlisted applicants will receive a call or an email.

Note: Please also set your email filter to receive emails from the Saregama domain.

The time may vary depending on the quantum of entries received. If we need to touch base with you, we will call on the Mobile no. provided or write to you on the email ID given. Please set your email filter to receive emails from the Saregama domain.

No telephonic enquiries will be entertained.

As of now we only require your full name, age, Mobile No., Email ID, College name & city that you come from.
Saregama India will manage you as an exclusive artist and do what best it takes to make you a Popstar.
You will receive a confirmation email once you have successfully submitted your entry. Kindly do not reach out to us till we get in touch with you. We will not entertain any such calls or mails.
90 sec preview Mere Khwabon Mein Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
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