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    Carvaan Musicbar CBW121 with Sub-Woofer - Hindi - Cosmos Black

    MRP: `  13990 7990 Special Offer - Save RS.6000 Inclusive of all taxes

    Its more than just a soundbar, It's a Saregama Carvaan Musicbar! One and Only soundbar that comes Pre-loaded with 1000 evergreen Hindi songs and an in-built FM.

    Carvaan Musicbar CBWY221 gives a crystal clear balanced audio with 120W stereo surround sound through four powerful full range drivers and comes with a wired subwoofer for enhanced deep bass.

    Easy connectivity though HDMI ARC, Coaxial I/P, USB, Aux IN and Bluetooth. It has 4 audio modes- Movie, Music, News and 3D to elevate your viewing or listening experience.

    It's got Bluetooth V.5 wireless connectivity to simply pair your smartphone and start playing your favourite music.

    There is a mesh inside subwoofer air vent hole to prevent rats from entering it. Premium sleek design that complements your interiors and can be installed very easily at home. It comes with 1 year warranty, reach out to us on or toll free 18001027799 or whatsapp on 8657499000

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    What is a Carvaan Musicbar?

    The Carvaan Musicbar, is a soundbar that comes pre-loaded with 1000 Evergreen Hindi songs. It is also the first ever soundbar that comes with built-in FM. The slim and elegant design complements your TV. Carvaan Musicbar not only looks perfect but also sounds perfect. It comes along with a subwoofer to provide an enriching TV viewing experience like never before. The 120 W stereo sound provides a true cinematic experience at the comfort of home.

    How is the Carvaan Musicbar different from the other Soundbars available in India?

    The Carvaan Musicbar not just offers enhanced audio experience but comes pre-loaded with 1000 evergreen Hindi songs. It is also the first ever soundbar that comes with built-in FM making it unique from any other soundbar available in the market.

    What are the size specifications of the Carvaan Musicbar?

    Here are the dimensions: (W) 900 mm x (H) 80 mm x (D) 80 mm

    What are the size specifications of the Subwoofer?

    Here are the dimensions: (W) 5 cm x (H) 30 cm x (D) 25 cm

    What is the weight of the Carvaan Musicbar?

    The weight is as follows:

    Carvaan Musicbar: 2.3 kgs

    Subwoofer: 4.92 kgs

    How many pre-loaded songs are present in the Carvaan Musicbar?

    Carvaan Musicbar comes pre-loaded with 1000 Evergreen Hindi songs of legendary artistes like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi and many more. You can enjoy these songs in Saregama mode only. You can view the entire song list on:

    I can see buttons on the top panel of the Carvaan Musicbar, what are these?

    The top panel consists of the following buttons:

    Mode buttons:

    Saregama Mode: to activate Saregama Mode
    USB/AUX-IN Mode: to activate USB/AUX-IN Mode
    HDMI Mode: to activate HDMI Mode once the HDMI ARC cable is connected to Musicbar & TV
    FM: to activate FM Mode
    Bluetooth Mode: to activate Bluetooth Mode

    Track Controls:

    Play/Pause: to play/pause the songs in any of the modes <>: to move the previous / next song in any mode; these buttons will be deactivated in HDMI / Co-axial mode

    Other buttons:

    Power button: to switch on/off the Musicbar
    Volume controls: to increase/decrease volume

    Can I load songs of my choice in the Carvaan Musicbar?

    You can listen to the songs of your choice by connecting the Carvaan Musicbar via Aux- In or Bluetooth to your phone or insert a USB with your favourite songs loaded inside.

    What is the power of the speakers?

    The power of the speakers is as follows:

    Carvaan Musicbar: 4 speakers of 15 Watts each

    Subwoofer: 1 speaker of 70 Watts

    Does Carvaan Musicbar have a slot for a micro USB card?

    There is no Micro SD slot on the Carvaan Musicbar.

    How do I power on the Carvaan Musicbar?

    To power on and enjoy the Carvaan Musicbar follow the steps below:

    • Connect the Power Adapter to the wall plug and the other end to “DC in” port on the back panel of the device

    • Switch on the power from wall plug

    • Click on the “Power” button on the top panel of the device/remote to power it on

    • Enjoy your music on the Carvaan Musicbar

    What are the connectivity options available?

    You can listen to your personal collection of music by connecting the Carvaan Musicbar to your phone using Aux-IN cable or Bluetooth. Alternately, you can also plug in your USB to listen to your favourite songs.

    You can also connect your Carvaan Musicbar to your TV using HDMi ARC cable or 3.5 mm Coaxial In cable. Remember to tune to the specific mode on TV.

    My Carvaan Musicbar has multiple mode buttons, how do they work?

    The Carvaan Musicbar has multiple modes. To go to any mode, press the mode button from the top panel of the unit or the remote. Once you are in a mode, the mode button on the units turns blue.

    The modes are detailed as below:

    • Saregama mode: You can listen to 1000 evergreen Hindi songs that are pre-loaded in the Carvaan Musicbar under Saregama mode; press the <> button for 3-4 seconds to skip 10 songs backward or forward

    • Bluetooth Mode: Stream songs from your mobile phone, tablets via Bluetooth on the Carvaan Musicbar

    • USB / AUX-In / Co-axial In mode: press the mode button to move between USB, Aux-In and Co-axial modes.
      • USB mode: Plug in a USB (upto 32 GB) to listen to your personal collection of songs

      • Aux In mode: Connect your mobile phone to the Carvaan Musicbar using an Aux cable to play the songs of your choice on the unit speakers

      • Co-axial mode: Plug the lose end of the 3.5 mm co-axial cable on the unit to the co-axial out port on the TV, put the TV audio Settings to Co-axial to play the TV audio on the speaker

    • FM mode: Tune into your favorite FM stations by pressing the FM mode button. Once in the FM mode, press the Play/Pause button on the panel for 3-4 seconds and it will auto tune all the available stations. There is a wired antenna within your Carvaan Musicbar for enhanced FM connectivity. To move between FM stations, press the <> buttons

    • HDMI: Connect one end of the HDMI ARC cable to the Carvaan Musicbar and the other end to the TV; ensure your TV is in HDMI source setting. The audio of TV will now play on the Carvaan Musicbar

    Please describe the functionality of the Saregama Carvaan Musicbar remote

    The functionality of the remote buttons is as follows:

    • Power: To turn On/Off the Musicbar; please note the unit needs to be turned on from the power source. You cannot switch on/off the power source of the Carvaan Musicbar from this remote

    • Mode selection:
      • Saregama / Bluetooth / FM: press any of the mode buttons on the remote to be on the desired mode

      • USB / Aux In / HDMI / Co-axial: there is a single button dedicated to all the four modes; press the mode button to be in the mode of your choice

    • Equalizer controls:
      • Bass: Increase / decrease the bass

      • Treble: Increase / decrease treble

    • Track controls:
      • Play / pause: Play / pause the song

      • <>: To move to the previous / next song; these buttons will be disabled in HDMI / Co-axial mode

    • Volume control: To increase/ decrease volume

    I want to mount my Carvaan Musicbar on the wall, Can I?

    Yes, you can mount your Carvaan Musicbar on the wall with the help of the Wall Mount Kit that comes included in the box. Please refer to the installation guide provided with the box to help you wall mount the unit.

    Installation guide is also available on:

    I have a spare subwoofer. Can I use it with my Carvaan Musicbar?

    To ensure technical superiority and safety, it is advised that you use only the subwoofer that comes bundled with the Carvaan Musicbar.

    Is there a display screen on the Carvaan Musicbar?

    No, there is no display screen on the Carvaan Musicbar.

    Can I control my Carvaan Musicbar via an App as well?

    No, currently it does not support any app.

    How can I connect my Carvaan Musicbar with my TV?

    There are 2 ways to connect the Carvaan Musicbar to TV:

    Via HDMI ARC Cable

    • Plug one end of the HDMI ARC cable to HDMI (ARC) port on the TV and the other end to the HDMI port on the back panel of the device
    • Turn on the TV
    • Press the HDMI button on the device/remote to switch to HDMI mode
    • Enjoy the TV audio on the Carvaan Musicbar
    • If the device is on any mode other than HDMI, press the HDMI button on device/remote to switch to HDMI mode

    Via Co-Axial cable:

    In case the TV is not compatible with HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect a Co-Axial cable from the TV to the device to enjoy the TV sound output on device speakers.

    • Connect the 3.5 mm Co-Axial cable to the back panel of device and the audio out port on TV
    • Turn on the TV
    • Press the button on remote to switch to Co-Axial mode

    How to check if my TV is ARC compatible?

    ARC- compliant HDMI ports are normally labelled with the letters "ARC" for easy identification.
    Check your TV's HDMI ports and see if ARC is printed on any of these connectors. If you don't see the letters "ARC" on the HDMI ports, most likely your TV does not support ARC functionality. You can also refer to the manual that came along your TV or visit their support website for more information.

    How do I listen to the pre-loaded songs given in the Carvaan Musicbar?

    Saregama mode is the default mode when you first power on the Carvaan Musicbar. If you have switched any modes, press the Saregama mode button on the unit / remote to listen to pre-loaded songs. You can use the play / pause, track controls and volume controls in Saregama mode.

    Is the Carvaan Musicbar AUX compatible? How do I use it AUX mode?

    Carvaan Musicbar allows you to play the songs you like from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. To play songs in Aux-In, connect the Aux cable to your phone and the Aux-In port on the back panel of the unit & press the USB/Aux-In mode button from the unit/ remote.

    Is it voice enabled or compatible with voice assistants like Alexa or Google?

    No, it does not offer voice assistance currently.

    How do I connect my subwoofer with Carvaan Musicbar?

    The Subwoofer comes with an attached Co-axial cable. One end of the cable is plugged in to the subwoofer, plug the other end in the SW out port on the back panel of the unit.

    There is a red / green light on the Power button on top panel of the Carvaan Musicbar. What is it?

    When you power on the Carvaan Musicbar, the backlight turns green. When the unit is connected to a power source but not in use, the backlight color is red.

    There is a blue light on the mode buttons on top panel of the Carvaan Musicbar. What is it?

    The blue light on the mode indicates that you are currently using that mode on the Carvaan Musicbar.

    Can I connect the Carvaan Musicbar to Wi-Fi?

    Currently there is no such provision.

    How do I reset the Carvaan Musicbar to default settings?

    Power On the Carvaan Musicbar and press any of the modes i.e. USB/AUX mode button on unit/remote for 3-4 seconds and your Carvaan Musicbar will automatically restore factory settings. Please note, once reset is completed all previously connected Bluetooth devices and saved FM stations will be lost.

    Where are the Equalizer controls of the Musicbar?

    The equalizer controls i.e. bass & treble are available on the remote.

  • i. BASS: Increase / decrease the volume of the base / low frequency notes
    ii. TREBLE: Increase / decrease the volume of the treble / high frequency notes

  • Are there any audio modes available to enhance my audio experience on the Carvaan Musicbar?

    There are 4 audio modes available to enhance your experience:
    i. Movie: Creates a live concert like experience
    ii. Music: Enhances the cinematic effects and provides a theatre like experience
    iii. News: Special mode for TV programmes like reality shows, news etc.
    iv. 3D: Play your favorite games in a stadium like environment.

    You can access these modes from the remote only.

    Can I play Carvaan Musicbar pre-loaded songs on another speaker via AUX or Bluetooth?

    No, you can only play the pre-loaded songs on the Carvaan Musicbar.

    I want to play songs from my USB on the Carvaan Musicbar. How do I do it?

    Plug the USB drive in the USB slot present on the back panel of the Carvaan Musicbar and press the USB mode button on the Musicbar/ remote. Music loaded in your USB automatically starts playing once successfully connected.
    Please note:
    Carvaan Musicbar supports pen drive up to USB version 3.0.
    You cannot play songs from external hard drives, mobile phones, laptops etc. on Carvaan Musicbar. You can only play songs from pen drives with a storage capacity upto 32 GB

    What if I have other questions?

    For any other questions regarding the Carvaan Musicbar, please contact Carvaan Customer Service on 18001027799. You can also mail us at

    I have an issue with the unit. Where can I raise a complaint?

    If you are facing an issue with the unit, please write to us on or call on 18001027799 (9:00 am to 9:00 pm) to report the issue.

    Please note: Product unboxing video is mandatory to raise a complaint about missing / damaged (Accessory / Product). The video can be shared on

    Whom do I contact for After Sales Service within warranty period?

    A dedicated toll free helpline number can be called up from 9 am to 9 pm from Mon- Sun. A service agent/ technician will come to your home and check the product for any issues.
    Toll Free number: 18001027799. If the product needs to refurbished, the pick-up and drop will be arranged by the company.

    What is the Replacement Policy?

    The product will be replaced only if the issue is found to be irreparable.

    What is dead on arrival Policy?

    Dead on arrival applies when a newly purchased product does not function at all. In such a case, it will be replaced free of cost by our service center. However, such cases need to be reported within 10 days from the date of receipt of the product to report such a case, call on 18001027799. A service agent will visit your house to check the product. If found to be in a non-working condition, the product will be replaced. Dead on arrival doesn’t apply to the following cases:

    - If the product has been damaged / tampered/mishandled with by the customer

    - If the customer is not able to provide the original invoice

    - If the customer has registered a return request for the product

    - Loss of any spare part by the customer

    - Any other wear and tear caused to the product by the customer

    What is the Refund Policy?

    Any refund will be made only in case the order is cancelled before the dispatch. If the product has been dispatched to the customer, no refund shall be done. The refund will not be applicable in the below scenarios:
    - Change of mind

    - Want a different colour

    - Product does not meet the expectation

    - No longer need the product

    - Change of mind

    - Loss of any spare part at customer's end

    - Any other wear and tear caused to the product at customer's end

    What is the Warranty period on this product?

    Carvaan Musicbar comes with a 1 year Warranty on all parts, excluding accessories. This includes servicing/ repair or replacement of damaged parts.
    The warranty does not apply and does not cover the following:
    - Liability for loss of data/content loaded in the product due to misuse or tampering.
    - Damage caused due to force majeure events; events caused by fire, water, electrical disturbances etc.; events beyond the control of Saregama; acts of negligence or mishandling; usage for commercial, business, industrial, educational, or rental purposes
    To know more click here:

    I bought a Carvaan Musicbar but there is no serial number on the unit or the outer box. I am not able to activate warranty without the serial number. What should I do?

    Serial number is mandatory for activating and availing the warranty of Carvaan Musicbar. Please note that the warranty will stand invalid if the unit is found without a genuine serial number. The product will be treated as a non-genuine product and will not be considered by Saregama either for in warranty repair or out of warranty. In such a case, Saregama advises you to please return the product to the seller and take a product that has an intact serial number. A serial number is put up on the outer box as well as the bottom of the unit.

    I have misplaced my Carvaan Musicbar invoice. How do I avail the warranty?

    Invoice is mandatory to avail warranty. In case the invoice is unavailable, the issue/ complaint/ service request will be considered as out of warranty. Any repair/ service needed will be addressed to and he repair will be chargeable as per the applicable service charge and price of spares applicable at that point of time. If you had previously registered the warranty through SMS, please do mention the same to the customer care representative for him to validate your warranty validity.

    Do I need to carry my Carvaan Musicbar to the service centre?

    Home service and Pick-up warranty are provided. Home service warranty requires customers to have a technician visit their home and service the product. This type of warranty can be availed by customers in locations where there is an authorised service technician available. Pick-up warranty service requires that the product along with th6e original invoice to be picked up from customer's location, at sole cost and responsibility of the company. Once the Product is serviced/repaired/replaced, the company shall be responsible to deliver the product back to the customer.

    Is the warranty applicable only in India?

    The warranty on Carvaan Musicbar is applicable only in India.

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