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Welcome to Yoodlee Films

Fearless Filmmaking:
Driven by passion;
Stories that are real and relevant.
We seek to create a new kind of film experience, for a new kind of audience.

We understand Irreverence; and swear by it.

challenge the status quo, we question the old assumptions.

Our audiences don’t wish to escape their life, but rather revel in it. We bring filmed entertainment that holds up a mirror to real life, distorting it sometimes, magnifying it other times.

This is entertainment in the era of the selfie.

Our Core Commitment:

We bring cinema that is driven by strong themes and a fearless “no compromise” approach to filmmaking.

Our films are driven by powerful stories, and not by stars.

The passion of the filmmaker is our starting point for everything.

We bring a heightened sense of realism to our films: shot in real locations, with sync sound, on the best camera technology available. All films are within 120 minutes.

Our films will be made available to our audiences on any screen they wish to view them on.

We present our audiences with cinema that matters, one film releasing every month in the theatres.

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