Guru is madly in love with Mala. He wants to marry her, build a new room and live with her on the terrace. The house is strange. Guru's mother lives on the ground floor with him and his father lives on the upper floor with Aunty - his mistress.

As everyone tries to dissuade Guru and jeopardise his quest for the room, Guru goes on a sexual odyssey, trying to satisfy his desire and find true intimacy. Caught between his family, the world around him and his own 'mind', Guru slowly begins to unravel. Finding himself in a 'strange' love story erupting with a random woman - a polio-stricken, older Internet cafe owner.

The resulting chaos gives us a window into our many sexual repressions and the new, small-town India we adore. 'Agra' tries to understand sexuality and physical space. And how the lack of it, in a country of over a billion, affects the way we live our lives.

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Kanu Behl is a multiple award-winning writer and director who has previously assisted director Dibaker Banerjee on the cult hit Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! and also co-wrote LSD: Love Sex aur Dhokha.

Titli, his directorial debut, was honoured at several prestigious international film festivals, including Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Zurich, Filmfest Hamburg, and BFI London, among several others. The script of Titli was selected by NFDC for the Screenwriters' Lab 2012, later winning the Post Production Award at Film Bazaar's Work-In-Progress Lab. Titli was also nominated for Caméra d'Or at 2014 Cannes Film Festival, the only Indian feature film in Cannes that year, and was awarded at multiple international film festivals. He is currently developing his next feature, Agra

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