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Oriya Sad Songs - An Ode to Love

Are you looking for some sad music to relive the most beautiful moments of love? Today, Oriya emotional songs are now catching popularity among the youth. Like Hindustani, Carnatic, and classical music, sad Oriya songs have been a part of captivating Oriya sad song MP3 world that has soothed the pain of millions of people across the world.


Some of Oriya sad song MP3 and Oriya emotional songs add the perfect spice to the listeners when they are emotionally down, leaving them mesmerised. There are many hit Odia songs that have won the hearts of people.


These songs have received immense love and praise from the audience as well as the Odia music industry. Get all the latest Odia Songs and sad Oriya songs now with Saregama. Download sad Oriya songs with just a few clicks.


With Saregama's Odia song link, you can choose and download a variety of Odia Album songs by choosing from a wide range of the latest Odia Songs and sad Oriya songs that have been sung by some of the most renowned singers in the Indian music Industry.


With a simple click, you can browse Oriya sad song MP3 and Oriya emotional songs to explore a whole new world of melodies with Saregama. You can even listen to many local FM/AM stations that play popular Odia songs through Saregama Carvaan Mini.


The exciting thing is that you can make the most of the Saregama Carvaan Mini speakers to tune into Oriya sad song MP3 and Oriya emotional songs. You can even download Odia songs, plug your pen drive with your favourite Odia film song, and download sad Oriya songs.


If you are a fan of Oriya emotional songs, you would definitely love hearing "Kati Kati" from Jaga Hatare Pagha. This Oriya romance action family drama featuring Anubhav Mohanty and Elina Samantray in lead roles is a remake of Marathi film Lai Bhaari. It has some amazing tracks to its name such as "E Pahada Se Pakhey" and "Emithi Katha Han Thiba" that will surely melt your heart.


Any discussion about Oriya emotional songs cannot be completed without mentioning "Aaha Sita" from Ramayana that was sung by Vani Jairam. This movie based on the epic story Ramayana is a delight for devotional and nostalgic music lovers.


The list of best Oriya sad song MP3 does not end here. You can always listen to "Michha Maya Bhara" from Suna Sansar. This song by Arjun Charan Samal with Nishakar Behera as the lyricist and Sunakar Sahu (Smarup) and Arjun Samal (Arup) as the music directors is a treat for a broken heart. You can listen to Odia Suna Sansar MP3 songs online and proceed to Suna Sansar songs download at Saregama to get the best of Suna Sansar Odia movie songs MP3 by Swarupa Chakravarty and others.


To download sad Oriya songs, you can visit the Saregama website or app to hear Oriya sad song MP3 and Oriya emotional songs such as "Sabu Dharmara Sabu Karmara" fom Maa. This timeless and classic album also has other songs like "Sikha lo sikha" and "To nare pindhila saree" that are bound to take your heart away.


Furthermore, you can trust Saregama for more amazing sad Oriya songs like "Gelo Basarara Dina Sarigala" from Ghara Sansar. This beautiful song by the legendary singer Manna Dey is breathtaking. The best thing is that you can download this and many more songs from this Oriya movie at Saregama. You can even tune into Ghara Sansar Odia movie songs MP3 by V Balsara and others and listen to Odia Ghara Sansar MP3 songs online with Ghara Sansar Songs Download on Saregama.


Moreover, you can try hearing out "Sephali Jaana Jhari" from Devjani sung by national award winner Vani Jairam who entered the world of the Indian music industry with her classic Bole re papihara. This song made Vani a household name. You can listen to this beautiful song from Devjani and more Vani Jairam songs MP3 free online to engage in Vani Jairam songs download at Saregama. The best thing is that you can play Vani Jairam Hindi MP3 songs or download Vani Jairam latest MP3 at Saregama, which is unarguably one of the best places to download Oriya emotional songs.


You may also try listening to and downloading "E Mana Khoje Jaha" from Billwamangala that was sung by legendary singers S. Janaki and Vani Jairam. You can easily engage in Billwamangala songs download and listen to Odia Billwamangala MP3 songs online by visiting the Saregama website or app and pouring your heart into mesmerising Billwamangala Odia movie songs MP3 by Prafulla Kar and others. This movie that was released in 1979 also has other beautiful songs like "Bhamara Nachi Ja Re", "Krishna he murari", "Chhaila rama ratana", and "Sakhire goparu gopinatha".


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