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Expansive Compilation of Marathi Songs for Music Lovers on Saregama

Maharashtra has been gifted the most renowned singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale, Suresh Wadkar, Master Dinanath Mangeshkar and many more. It is not truly surprising that Marathi music is awe-inspiring and impressive to listeners. Saregama has brought together the best songs of all genres and eras in the Saregama Marathi regional page. You can easily find your favourite Marathi song here using the first alphabet of the lyrics to sort. Listeners can purchase Marathi MP3 song for Rs 4 and HD quality song for Rs 10, a small investment to listen to great music.

As Maharashtra is the land of Ganapati devotees, the Marathi music includes many songs dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Find them all listed in the Marathi songs list on Saregama. You can pick songs like ‘Morya re Bappa Morya Re’, ‘Gajanana Shri Ganraya’ and ‘Ashtavinayak Tujha Mahima Kasa’ among others listed under Marathi songs. You can choose Marathi song download to listen to the song from your device anytime you want.

Marathi songs also have some very classic examples of Marathi pride perceptible through songs like ‘Shoor Amhi Sardar Amhala’ and ‘Amhi Thakkar Thakkar’. A portion of the Maharashtrian population are fishermen, the Koli Geet also form a part of their heritage. Even these are listed on Saregama’s page of Marathi songs. You can be enthralled as you listen to soothing lullabies from Marathi films. The song ‘Nimbudachya Zadakhali’ is still sung by mothers to put their little ones to sleep. You can download these Marathi songs in MP3 quality at Rs 4 and HD quality at Rs 10 from Saregama

Some films from the Marathi industry stay timeless and their songs remain etched in the minds of every Maharashtrian. The best example is ‘Pinjra’ and the classic songs like ‘Mala Lagli Konachi’, ‘Tumhavar Keli Mi Marji Bahal’ and ‘Disla Ga Bai Disla’ are still fresh in the minds of all listeners. If you are a fan of songs from Pinjara, be impressed by the list of songs from this movie only on Saregama for Marathi song download to enjoy the songs from this movie at just Rs 4 each.

The songs by Dada Kondke have also remained popular due to their naughty nature. These songs are fast and yet interesting to listen to. The best example is ‘Var Dhagala Lagli Kal’ that has passed on for so many decades and so many variations of this song have been created. If you wish to soothe your mind listening to such quirky numbers from Marathi movies, just choose Marathi song download on Saregama. Get MP3 songs at Rs 4 and HD quality songs at Rs 10.

Lavani is a particular dance type and the songs played in the background are termed as Lavani Songs. Marathi films have frequently used this form of songs and dance to give a regional touch to the movies. You will find popular Lavani songs like ‘Reshamachya Reghani’, ‘Bugadi Majhi Sandli Ga’ and many more hit Lavani songs on the Saregama regional Marathi songs listing.


Q. Where can I download Marathi MP3 Songs?

A. If you want to download best quality MP3 songs online without any risk, go for Saregama Marathi MP3 song download for Rs 4 per song. It is quick, reliable and completely safe. The collection is vast and you can select the best picks.

Q. What are some of the best websites for Marathi Songs?

A. Saregama has a great compilation of Marathi MP3 songs. The collection includes old songs, Lavnis, devotional songs, patriotic songs and much more listed out in alphabetical order for the convenience of the listeners. The 90 seconds preview offered by the website allows you to choose after listening.

Q. Which is the best website to download Marathi songs?

A. Saregama is the best website to download Marathi songs as it is affordable and safe. The collection is vast and you can enjoy a preview of the song before adding songs to the cart. Each MP3 song download will cost you Rs 4. You can enjoy the same songs in HD quality for Rs 10 each.

Q. Which site is safe for download of Marathi songs?

A. Avoid free song websites as the risk of viruses is very high. Download your favourite Marathi songs online on Saregama at most affordable rates. You can buy MP3 quality songs for Rs 4 and HD quality songs for Rs 10.

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