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Partner with a 100+ year old company

Along with your regular job, give a demo of Saregama Carvaan on your phone

A golden opportunity to earn easy money

Zero investment required from your end

Carvaan Saathi is the perfect source of extra income if you are a service engineer, Policy agent or associated with any service industry.

  • No Risk
  • Free Training
  • Zero Investment
  • No Overtime

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Frequently asked questions  

Carvaan Saathi is a partnership program launched by Saregama, a 100 year old largest music brand.The program allows sales, service, insurance agents, multi- level marketers, service- engineers,technicians and others such professionals to register via Saregama Carvaan Saathi app and become Carvaan selling agents. These agents will be called Carvaan Saathi.

Under this program, Saathi simply needs to :

  • Download Carvaan Saathi App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Register with mobile number
  • Go through a simple online training video
  • Take a quick online test
  • Go through E-KYC process within 24 hours of taking the test

Once E-KYC is approved, Saathi will be onboarded and authorised to sell Saregama Carvaan, Carvaan Mini, Carvaan Go and Carvaan Earphones. Saathi will be entitled to get commission on every sale made.

The best part about this program is you don’t have to do any extra work, do not need to give any extra time, no extra travelling or carry any demo products along. Just become a Carvaan Saathi along with your current job.

By associating with this program, you get to spread smiles and earn lots of love along with money.

Anyone above 18 years and any freelancer who is self-employed/Non-Salaried/ Insurance Agents/Network marketers/ service engineers / contract employees and other such professionals are welcome to join the program.

Yes. If you have a good network of people and want to explore an extra income opportunity, you can join our Saathi program.

If you are above 18 years of age and want to explore an income opportunity, you can join our Saathi program

No. One can give as many hours as they want to according to their convenience

No. Joining is absolutely free of cost

No. You decide yourself when and how many hours you want to work.

You just have to download our "Carvaan Saathi App" from Google play store or Apple App Store, register with your mobile number and enter some basic details. Our team will get in touch with you for further process

The Carvaan Saathi App is a partner log in app specially designed for a smooth business for our Saathi’s. It is one single point for all queries, operations and transactions related to Saathi. You will be able to see details related to customers, orders, products and training materials & videos in this App. You can also connect with us through the support section of the App. You can get all the information you require in this app.

Your mobile number, email id (not mandatory) and an identification proof (Voter ID or driving license/ other)

You just have to agree to the terms and conditions available in the App

After registering you will have to go through a quick tutorial and quiz and a simple EKYC process. You will get a call from the call centre to verify your details, once the details get verified a unique Saathi code will be generated for you and you are ready to become a Carvaan Saathi

Yes, you can change your mobile number before the verification is done by calling the call centre.

If you want to change the number after verification please contact your assigned sales manager and he will get it updated for you.

There are various videos uploaded on the Carvaan Saathi App which are self-explanatory and very simple to understand. Also, company will keep providing training from time to time.

No. All the online and offline trainings will be absolutely free of cost.

As a new Saathi you will have an area sales manager aligned to you who will be your coach and assist you. Your coach will introduce you to our entire product range and help you with all the necessary information you need in the beginning.

You will also have an online training session once in every 15days to update you on different skills.

Saathi program is totally based on the relationship our Saathi’s have with the customers. A Saathi will approach a customer only during their regular visits for your current job or when you wish to.

No. There will be no targets. But we encourage our Saathi’s to maximise their earning with this opportunity.

No. But to support you on the field you will be aligned with an area sales manager from Saregama and a distributor from your respective area.

You can leave the program anytime you wish. You just have to inform your area sales manager and the distributor before leaving and clearing dues if any.

Yes, we have a grievance centre in case you have any queries you can call us at our toll free number 18001027799 or email us at carvaansaathi@saregama.com

Yes, you will undergo an online training within 15 days of your joining, you will receive regular updates, WhatsApp support and time to time trainings online.

You can earn money in three ways

  • By collecting a lead and if the lead results in a sale
  • By booking an order
  • By booking an order and delivering the product

To make Payment – If a customer has paid by cash then you will have to go to office of the distributor to make the payment

To Receive payment- If a customer has made the payment online then you will have to go to the distributor office to collect your incentive or can choose to get an online payment instead.

Yes. If the lead is converted into a sale you will get your incentive accordingly

No. If a demo doesn’t result in any sale you won’t, but in future if the same lead is converted into a sale, you will receive the incentive accordingly

No. You can choose if you want to deliver the product yourself or want the distributor to deliver it for you. The incentive will also be different in both the cases

Opportunity is unlimited. You earn on every sale. The more you sell, the more you earn.

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